Get it out the door now!

Four years ago Steve told me he was writing a small e-book on creative ways to buy a car.  I saw him last week at a seminar and asked him about that book.  He very excitedly told me he was still working on it but hoped to have it out this year.  This Year???   How could it take 4 years to create a 40-page book on buying a car?  I guess he’s still getting it “right.”

But that’s a trap I see many people fall into.  They spend so much time getting their idea or product or service perfected that they lose the window of opportunity for making it a success. 

My advice – if you have it 70% refined, go ahead and release it.  My first version of 48 Days to the Work You Love had a hard stock paper cover.  Then we made it a 3-ring binder with a single cassette in the front cover.  We ran them 50 copies at a time at Kinko’s and sold over $2 million worth before I ever talked to a publisher about a real “book.” 

48 Days Stages

Dave Ramsey just did a great interview with marketing guru Seth Godin on this very concept.  Check out their take on getting started:  

Seth Godin Interview       Seth says, “Get it out the door now!”

What excuse have you been using for waiting to show the world your idea?

9 Responses to “Get it out the door now!”

  1. Phillip Swindall Says:

    This is exactly the same reason I left my job this month and started my new business. The company was continuously cutting staff and I realized that it was only a matter of time before I was next, so I “rushed” my product to market before I thought I’d be ready to. I officially launch this Friday night with a live webcast from one of the largest attractions in my hometown of Gadsden, Alabama. And I took something I know and understand well – gathering news, focused on an area I know and love well – my hometown, and I have already billed over $2,500 in web design and advertising contracts before the site is even “live”… in addition, I’m talking to a local radio station about doing their news “from the Gadsden Metro newsroom!” I could write a four page report on how God has opened many doors and windows in this last month… just trust me when I say “WOW!!!! Ain’t God Good!?!?!?!?!”

    (this from the guy a few months ago posted a comment about losing his imagination)

  2. andy traub Says:

    Dan, my first product will be out in the next two weeks…will it be perfect – Heck no! But nobody expects perfect, unless you’re talking about Jesus. Two great blog posts Dan, thanks.

  3. Lori Havens Says:

    Dear Dan,

    I did the same thing! Don’t we all? I had an e-book “in my head” for years. But there it stayed! Now that it’s done, and on the market (and selling, too!), I’ve had more than one person email me to ask “how did you do it? How do I get started?” My answer: sit down and type! Of course I did have a learning curve that I had to get through, as I am not innately “tech-oriented,” but there are plenty of helps out there for that. But if you do not simply get started…get something down on paper or in “my documents” on your computer, it doesn’t happen.

  4. Patrick Fariss Says:


    Thank you for your words in this week’s newsletter. It is exactly what I needed to hear. I have finished my first e-book designed to help new teachers and those considering a career in education, however, I have not taken the next steps until now. I was waiting until all the lights turned green (which never happens) before moving forward. Zig says, “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly, until you learn how to do it correctly.” Thank you for your motivation and encouragement as I venture into uncharted waters. Thanks also for the wisdom and guidance from the group at Keep up the great work!

  5. Debbie Fraser Says:


    I am one of those that bought one of your Kinko’s binders above which helped lead me to become a very successful graphic designer. Now I am in a different phase of life. I’m a little confused. Being a perfectionist (sometimes a good thing sometimes bad), you and Seth were talking about getting it out the door. In the same conversation Seth was talking about being above average and being remarkable. How can you do both at the same time? Am I scared I’m going to fail? Yes. Is this why I think I need to do things better than others? Yes. Is this slowing down the process? Definitely! How can a product be remarkable while getting it “Out The Door”? You really have me thinking here. Thank You!

  6. Shannon Reece Says:


    I loved the article, listened to the Seth Godin interview, and am reading to charge! But I have no idea where one starts to have something printed or packaged – advice? Resources? Help? Thank you for the push!!!

  7. Dan Miller Says:

    Fortunately there are lots of resources for getting started. You might want to check out this recent blog where I addressed that:

  8. Shannon Reece Says:

    Great! Thank you very much for the information!

  9. Ed Burns Says:

    Dan, Thanks for this inspiring article! I’m done waiting for my e-book entitled Why Won’t They Hire Me? Ten steps to set yourself apart from the competition with your resume’ and job interview, a to be “perfect” I tried getting it out via a website, but now am committed to just getting it out there on regular paper and cardstock, just like you did with 48 Days. I am also developing a seminar “ala yourself and Mr. Ramsey” around the entire book with the first class scheduled for mid-Sept. Thanks again! Ed Burns

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