My life is too small

This week a 36 yr old MBA in exec position in an exciting industry shared this concern in her coaching profile:  “I have a vague sense that my life is too small.”

Living large does not necessarily mean a bigger salary, house, cars or retirement fund.  It has nothing to do with fancy vacations or the latest fashions.  Rather, it means having a life that is full of meaning and purpose.  And that can occur – or be absent – at any place on the continuum of the traditional parameters of “success.”  I’ve seen millionaires who are living life “small” and those with scarce financial resources who are living “large.” 

Let me ask you this: What is your life saying to the world?  Are you living your life too small? Is it so full of meaningless tasks that there’s no room left for the things that make your heart sing? Are you pushing so hard in doing more that you’ve lost the sense of being more?  Does more activity really equal greater accomplishment, or does it at some point tip the scale and begin to diminish the meaning of your life? Are you creating the legacy you want to leave for your loved ones?

Reflect back on last month – yes, just this last month.  What did you do to keep your life from being too small?

Can you identify:

  1. 4-5 ideas you had for a better job or starting your own business?
  2. 3 things that you did just to help someone out with no expectation of payback?
  3. The books you read or listened to that enlightened your spirit, confidence, knowledge and wisdom?
  4. The number of hours you spent in quiet contemplation?
  5. The 2 or 3 things you did that you had never done before?
  6. The concerts, art shows, seminars, workshops or other enriching experiences you had?
  7. 2 or 3 specific things you did to strengthen the relationships that mean the most to you?

If you have no responses to these seven questions, chances are strong that you are living your life too small.

Make it a regular practice to embrace living large times in your life. Wisdom, peace, contentment, and insight about investing your life in fulfilling work will grow in those times. Take a walk, give thanks for simple things, take a bath with music playing and candles burning, turn off the telephones, TV, and computer. Carve out those times for restoration and spiritual breathing. Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.  Even Jesus got away from the crowds periodically.  Don’t let your life be too small.

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8 Responses to “My life is too small”

  1. leisha Says:

    I’ve had that very problem for some time. Even before I lost my job and especially during this time that I am simply not able to think beyond the survival and the fact that I feel like I’m drowning. Not enough of an income to keep the basics going. My stress is huge and I still feel instead of my life getting larger it feels like it is shrinking even more.

    i do not have a solution to my problem.

  2. jean nelson Says:

    I have an opposite experience. I quit a very stressful job as well as having lost my husband 1&1/2 yrs. ago. I am living on spousal soc. sec. and do have most of my bills paid. I am enjoying spending time with my grown kids and grandkids. JUst got back from taking a trip to visit my elderly mother. I am enjoying reading books, spend time giving back to my community. Going to church. and exploring some ways to make some extra money doing hobbies that I had not had time for. I am having time to breathe. I am excited to be able to daydream.
    Thank you, Lord!!!!!

  3. Maria Standley Says:

    This past month I took a week off from work to volunteer at church – VBS. My grandson stayed the week. I never worked so hard in my life – and I never felt so fulfilled. My husband and I spoke at week’s end and I tried to explain my feelings, but all I could say was that I felt such a disconnect in the way I normally live my life…work, chores, shopping, church on Sunday..routine, too little time really living. I want to make the transition to life. How do I accomplish this without sacraficing my way of life (financial security)?

  4. jean nelson Says:

    I recommend you read Dan Miller’s book 48 Days. It speaks to your situation. It helped me. I especially liked what he said about having a healthy balance in our lives as well as he said it is good to dream while we are awake.

  5. Martha Dominguez Says:

    I think that all of us that have difficult time, we can share our experience, our time, our ideas, experience in business, etc etc etc, many things that can help to all of us instead of being alone. Together we are going to be strong.

  6. Eddie Hudson Says:

    For the last 2 months or so my life has been full. Unfortunately, all of the busyness of life continues. I’m in grad school studying for counseling. But that is not my ‘first love.’ Art is my first love and after a 25 year separation we’re getting back together. But again, the busyness continues. Lately, my mind has been so full of revelations and new perspectives and it seems like the outlet is my art. It is my message, my song, the primary way God has created to function. And again I say my life is full of busyness. In the next week or so, I hope that I can begin to see the many revelations, dreams and passions become more of the stuff life is made of. I will finish two ‘busy’ projects – VBS and a church picnic – and hopefully clear space for more art and expression.

  7. Mike Says:


    Great post-keep it up!
    Author Discover Life on Your Terms

  8. Eusebio Glathar Says:

    Hey, Great site! I really like the design. The one issue I have is that the RSS arnt viewing properly in my viewer.

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