Need an Extra $15,000?

Need an extra $15,000?  I have a proposition for you.  Recently I purchased 5000 copies of the Spanish edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love from my publisher.  While sales of 48 Days to the Work You Love continue to rock I didn’t really have any plan for these Spanish versions and as of right now they are just sitting in our warehouse.  So before I initiate my own plan to sell these out I’m offering you an opportunity to exercise your creativity and innovation.  Many of you are looking for new opportunities.  New opportunities come easiest with new ways of thinking, so here’s your chance. 

This book retails for $9.95.  I’ll give you anything over $3.00 each. So if you discount them 40% and sell them for $6.00 each you’ll get 5000 x $3.00 or $15,000.  Sell them for $7.00 each and you’ll get $20,000.  Get a deal for $3.50 and you’ll get $2500.  You determine where you’ll end up. 

48 Days -- Spanish Version

You could:

  • Have one included in each freshman welcome packet at the University of Mexico this fall.
  • Include a book in McDonald’s Happy Meal.
  • Have Bank of America give a book as a bonus with any new account opened in San Antonio.
  • Recycle the paper and print your own book.
  •  ??????

What I want is an imaginative but doable plan to sell all 5000 copies.  I don’t want a plan to sell 50 or 100.  I reserve the right to accept or reject any plan presented – but trust me, I’m open to something really radical.  You’ve got until the end of July.  You don’t need any investment, any credit approval process – only your unique plan.  And I do mean a plan – I don’t want just an idea that I have to implement.  You make the arrangements – close the deal!

This could be your ticket for several months’ mortgage payments or your nest egg for your own business start-up.  The clock is ticking.  Be the first with a real plan and we’ll let everyone know how brilliant you are.   Just post your plan here – you’ll obviously be credited with the idea if you’re first in line.

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112 Responses to “Need an Extra $15,000?”

  1. Danielle Ibsen Says:

    Dan, I’d like to give your books a shot…let me do some checking around 🙂

    Danielle Ibsen

  2. Charlie Chang Says:

    Dan – I had an idea for the beach. At any particular resort, condo or hotel, at the check in place, have the books being sold there. People will be laying out on the beach and need reading material. Vacation is a good time to up-sell to people as they usually this the illusion that the money they have is infinite or they don’t care how much they spend on vacation.

    I wrote a blog of my recent adventures on the beach being an Eaglepreneur. Check it out.

  3. Nicole Whitworth Says:

    My idea would be to offer them to my local community college. As college has become more of a consumer product, schools are always looking for new ways to keep content fresh and relevant for their students. Using your book “48 Dias” would be a solution that could encourage progress in the spanish language in a way that could also be helpful to their future career growth. Not only is my local community college the second largest (and growing) community college system in the state, with 4 campuses, but it also constantly looks for innovative ways to expand and grow. For example, their Spanish department has in the past experimented with the use of iPods to help students immerse themselves in the language.

    An additional selling point for this plan is that even if I sold them the books for $6 each as you suggested, the Spanish department could still mark them up and resell to their students for $7 each, thus raising a free $5000 for their own department in a time when state budgets for education are becoming smaller. Any college would be interested in that bargain alone!

    I used to work for this particular community college and so I still have some contacts of people who could help me get in touch with the appropriate decision makers. However, if this community college would not be interested, or would only be interested in purchasing fewer than 5000 copies, there are at least 5 other colleges and universities in my immediate area that also have Spanish departments, not to mention the public school system. This would be a GREAT book to introduce to high school students as well as college students! And if for some reason I couldn’t get the books sold to schools in my immediate area, there are colleges and universities across the country that I could approach with the opportunity. I have no doubt that all 5000 could be sold this way.

  4. Kimberly Wallace Says:

    I have a friend who teaches computer and business skills to adult Spanish-speaking individuals through a local school. They teach spreadsheet and word processing applications and general business classes through the community education department. I would market the book to the school, and have them work in the cost of the book with the cost of the courses. As their adult students are learning valuable business skills, they can be reading the book and creating a plan for their future. By the time they’re done with the class and done with the book, they should be ready to start their own successful business they love!

  5. Mildred Keel-Williams Says:

    I work with a lot of would-be business owners and have found a scarcity of Spanish language business resources. Our community here is over 60% Spanish Speakers. Our Economic Development Department as well as alliances with other similar groups could get these 5000 books sold to the right audiences in NYC. We could establish ourselves as the exclusive site to purchase this valuable tool in the NY Metro area. While this is not a fully developed plan, these are initial thoughts on how to get this job done. I could surely use the money!!!

  6. Wanda Carpenter Says:

    Dan my idea for your Spanish edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love is to donate them to a high school Spanish class. The teacher work have to agree to incorporate the book into his/her lesson plan and present it to you. At the end of the class the students would have to give a presentation as to what they had learned from reading your book. This would be a benefit in many a tax write off for the books because of the donation…two the students would learn to read as well as speak in least something other then there test book…and Three and i think most valuable..the students would learn the benefits of exploring a career path and have a better understanding of reaching for you dreams!

  7. Karla Turner Says:

    Have some ideas – will get back to you!!

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    You could sell them to a temp agency, specifically ones that target Spanish speaking individuals. I would sell them for 6.00 a piece and this way individuals can not only read the book and be encouraged but pay it forward as well and tell them that with the purchase you must agree to read the book and then pay it forward to a library, church, or friend in need. You could ask local church members to purchase a copy for the job center as well or just ask them to purchas a copy and pay it forward to a commumity center, individual, or job work force site.
    good Luck!!!

  9. Bryan Scott Says:


    I would love to have a shot and distributing your books. I have a friend with the Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with ties to the Hispanic community around the state of Texas.

    More exciting than that, we have connections with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). LULAC has a focus on education and career planning, and counsels approximately 18,000 students per year in addition to adult personal development, and has thousands of members.

    My plan would be to leverage my friend’s connections to meet with LULAC and have the 48 Days to the Work You Love book distributed through their Educational/Career Planning organizations. If that were to be successful, we would then leverage that relationship (and hopefully leverage you and Ashley) to try to get the 48 Days Seminar offered through their Educational/Career Planning organizations.

    Using the books as an entry point may very well lead to a long-term and lucrative relationship.

    Thank you for offering this opportunity. Let me know your thoughts.

  10. Juan Says:

    Dan, I live in Chicago which has over 1M hispanic (majority of mexican descend) residents.
    By the end of July I will have sold these 5000 books for you. I will post plan once the deal is done.

    Thank you! this opportunity is a miracle in the making…

  11. Sandra Says:


    My sister is going to the Guatemala City dump on a missionary trip in August. You could donate them to the church and we could see an entire country changed.

  12. Donna Land Says:

    Many of the Hispanics in the Middle TN area work in Construction and have been doing so for so long that they could probably start their construction business.

    There are several that I know personally that are very ambitious and one that I am especially thinking of that could be an open door for growing your Hispanic business by leading his own 48days classes.

    Another idea, have them at the registers at the many Mexican establishments. There is a chain of La Ha Ciendas, as well as different chains, around the area spanning from Nashville to Columbia and beyond. Not to mention the many Hispanic stores. This would not only give you access to the Hispanic community but anyone that goes there. They would at least question what it is. Available in English as well at could be posted beside it.

  13. David Smith Says:

    Good morning. I have enjoyed reviewing the responses and ideas generated thus far. Dan, one thing you stress in your books, emails, etc., is to find the balance between a purpose and a paycheck. I would like to make a suggestion that incorporates both, as well. One of the greatest gifts I ever received was a graduation gift from my pastor. It was an autographed (by my pastor, not the author) copy of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s book, From Faith to Faith. How wonderful would it be to bless others in a similar fashion!?

    My suggestion is to sell the books to Hispanic/Interracial churches, at a rate you and the church(es) agree on, along with English versions of your book, so that pastors could bless their graduates (high school and/or college) with a copy of a book that I believe will better prepare them for life than any formal education. I believe it is a win-win-win because you are getting profit back, the church is purchasing your book for less than retail, and the graduate is receiving a gift that will bless her/him for years to come.

    This plan would serve several purposes. First, it would get the books out of your warehouse. Secondly, you could possibly pick up new markets for your media. Next, it would generate a profit. Most importantly, it would bless others. Imangine if this idea spread nationwide! Have fun making a decision with all of these great ideas!

  14. Daniel McLaren Says:

    Gang violence in the Southwestern United States is largely between three groups; white skinheads, blacks, and Hispanics. Psychologists believe that people in gangs have a feeling of no hope. My idea for your book is to package your Spanish version of 48 days along with similar material and give them away to organizations whose mandate is serving at risk Latino youth. These youth may be incarcerated or recently out of jail and their hearts might be in the right frame of reference for this book.

  15. Glen Markham Says:


    Why not strike a deal to sell the books to the (Un)Employment Commission in a state with a large Hispanic population? It would certainly work here in Texas. California wolud also be nice but I suppose you want to get paid for the books, not take an IOU.

    e have local Workforce Centers dedicated to helping people find jobs. A tool like your book would be a tremendous help.

  16. Bryan Holland Says:

    With over 44 million Spanish speaking individuals in the United States in 2008 and this number expected to grow to 128 million by the year 2050 (according to, this market segment is huge and only going to get bigger. I don’t see 5,000 books being a huge obstacle.

    To me, I would market these at an introductory level and create demand, buzz, etc. for the product and services of 48 Days. The margins wouldn’t be huge but it would be a play for a long term market entry that would lead to sales of other products and services.

    In an effort to do this quickly and effectively, I would create a relatively inexpensive web-site in Spanish utilizing the expertise and optimization services of a group like, take it live, watch it grow and watch the residual income roll in. At the web-site, customers could order order 48 Days in Spanish books and the site could be expanded in the future to include and offer other similar products and services.

    In addition, I would supplement my on-line presence with a directed PR campaign (letter), to predominately hispanic churches, Hispanic chamber’s of commerce, newspapers, radio and television highlighting my product and getting free publicity directing folks to the site. As you know, helping people in today’s economy is a hot topic and one that will garner free publicity . . . especially with the Dan Miller name associated.

    I believe that the Spanish speaking market is and will continue to be a market segment that you will want to penetrate. This is evident by the huge economic impact these folks are creating. As reported by Tower Group in their September 2008 report . . . “By 2012, Hispanic purchasing power is expected to reach $1.2 trillion, and Hispanic-owned businesses will grow by 42% from the 2003 baseline, to 4.3 million, with revenues increasing by 39% to $539 billion. What’s more, the number of Hispanics with an annual income of $100,000 and assets worth $500,000 is growing eight times faster than the number of non-Hispanics.”

    Pretty convincing stuff.

  17. Laurie Powers Says:

    I am sending along a site that tells all. Simply: If you want to reach the spanish speaking crowd, you go to where they are, which is Miami and work through someone whom they trust. Miami is 67% spanish speaking and the largest spanish demographic in the western hemisphere outside of Lain America. If one looks at the demographics of the entire country, one would notice that “Spanish” is very close to being the next majority so in an effort to mesh everyone together, we need to work together for the better good. The man in charge is Al Fernandez, Urban Impact is his ministry. The plan: due to the nature and socioeconomic area and the need I would sell the book for only $4.00 – if Urban Impact buys them all have it at $3.50 –
    Go out and teach all nations – that says it all.

  18. Laurie Powers Says:

    Oops, forgot to add the site – forgive me it’s

    Al Fernandez ‘God-made’ to serve in Miami
    By Mickey Noah
    Feb 26, 2009

  19. Jason Lett Says:


    I think that I can sell the books to Hispanic non-profit oranizations all over the country. In Alabama we have the Hispanic Interest Coalition of AL, and there are Hispanic chamber of commerce’s in most states, more than one in some states. I have not contacted any of them as of yet, but feel that with so many organizations in the country that I could sell all 5000 books in a short period of time. Of course the more books that the organization buys, the bigger the discount. I feel that this is a simple and concise plan. I will be more than willing to call and get committments if needed, or provide a list of all organizations that I will be contacting.


  20. Scott Thomas Says:

    Distribution Plan: 48 Days to the Work You Love – Spanish Edition


    Scott and Gaby Thomas are the authors of two McGraw-Hill books:

    • Listen ‘n’ Learn Spanish with your Favorite Movies (release date: November 13, 2009)

    • The Big Red Book of Spanish Vocabulary (2005).

    • They publish, a subscription website that helps people learn Spanish from the Bible, novels and non-fiction, YouTube music videos, and television shows.

    Overview of Distribution Plan

    Language Safari offers 48 Days/Spanish as a premium for new subscribers to Dan Miller and other interested affiliates send the offer summarized below to their email list in exchange for 50% of the subscription price for the life of the subscription.

    Offer to the Consumer: Subscribe by September 30, 2009 and receive

    1. Subscription to Language Safari at an affordable $19.95/month or for two-months of savings, $199/year.

    2. Free copy of 48 Days to the Work you Love in Spanish plus Spanish/English Vocabulary Guide to 48 Days to the Work You Love composed by Scott and Gaby Thomas to help you learn Spanish while being inspired and motivated to improve your life, career, and finances.

    3. Access to Audio Podcasts of Home School Spanish. Listen and learn in your car, at the gym, or in the comfort of your own home.

    4. Access to the top 600 words in Spanish (which account for 80% of everyday Spanish).

    5. Access to Spanish expertise forum where you can ask your Spanish questions.

    6. To the first 1000 subscribers, a free copy of Listen ‘n’ Learn Spanish with your Favorite Movies sent to your home as soon as it is released in November.

    7. Money back guarantee.

    Offer and Benefits to affiliates:

    1. Traceable Affiliate Link: Affiliates receives 50% of the subscription (for life of subscription) price for conversions that come from his links.

    2. Affiliates can view reports showing their click-thrus and conversions.

    3. Language Safari supplies banner ads for emails and website.

    4. Affiliate keeps control of his own list.

    5. Dan Miller receives an additional $3.00/subscription through any affiliate in exchange for a copy of 48 Days/Spanish.

  21. Kathi Rangel-Wrono Says:

    Mr. Miller: I work as a Paralegal for a Christian Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas. Our clientele is primarily Spanish speaking. I would like to market and place a copy of the Spanish version of your book with each and every client and prospective client, as well as offer it on our web site, and offer it to a National Hispanic organization to which I belong, called “Las Comadres Para Las Americas”. I would also like to explore marketing it to the National Hispanic Bar Association of which I am a member as a Paralegal.

  22. Tiana Krenz Says:

    Here’s what I would do:

    1. Hire a friend of mine who speaks fluent Spanish to translate several relevant articles from the website into Spanish. Use these articles as the basis for a Spanish language website, which I would build using moonfruit. is already owned by some guy in New Jersey, so I have purchased as my domain name. Advertise the book for sale on that website for the retail price of $9.95.
    2. Create a group for Spanish speakers on Commission my aforementioned friend to moderate the group, giving her $2 from every book sold. Participation in the group would be free, of course.
    3. Target 50 technical colleges in major cities throughout the US that teach adult education courses to Spanish speakers. Send a free copy of the book to the head of each program, letting them know about the website and the group. Give them a coupon code to purchase the book for $7.99 each. They could purchase them to give to their students or sell to their students at a profit. The letter would also encourage the program heads to refer their students to the group.
    4. Market the group on Facebook via link sharing and a fan page.
    5. Have Dan’s tech support put a button on the front page of that reads: “Se Habla Espanol!”. Have this button link to the website.

    The only question remaining is, can we get another 5000 books when these run out?

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  23. Bruce Felder Says:


    Every “Hispanic” group is the obvious place to start, but i think the “Christian” component would be best. Our church has an active in-house Hispanic ministry, as do other evangelical churches, but there are many large Hispanic Churches across town. (An interesting side note is at last years Global Day of Prayer, the Spanish service was better attended than the one in English. And this is in Austin, Texas with 1 mil + in the metroplex!)

    So, i propose that you do a short video clip on the book and the promise to finding not only work, but work you will love! An announcement for this video could be emailed to all Hispanic Churches around the country. (I could do the legwork on that, if needbe) It could be downloaded from your website and shown to the congregation as a whole, or men’s groups, or as a community outreach for the church. Individual orders could be placed on line directly, using paypal, or churches could place bulk orders. As an incentive to recruit the Church’s involvement, the books would be sold at approximately $6 to $7 apiece, with half the profit coming to yours truly (which right now is the “Help-Bruce-pay-for-his-daughters-wedding” ministry, and the other half would go to the church placing the order, as a contribution to their ministry efforts.

    May God bless you and annoint and bless those who find Christ and the perfect job, through your books!

  24. Jody Moreen Says:

    We have an amazing opportunity at our huge church in the Chicagoland western suburbs with a Luis Palau outreach in August. Our large Christian church has a weekend attendance of around 6,000 persons and also has a large Christian school. We have a large active Spanish outreach ministry, and one of our churches 12 pastors is the pastor of Spanish outreach and services. Luis Palau will be speaking at our church August 7th-9th at 3 services and also a Friday night Spanish speaking service. Our church does a top notch job of advertising all events and do them to honor and glorify the Lord. We expect to fill all seats at each service. If you are interested I could put you in contact with the pastor of Spanish outreach. I see a win-win for the suburban Chicagoland area Spanish community who would welcome this excellent motivational book on job creation/insights and a win-win to possibly expand and grow our Spanish speaking ministries at our church. If interested contact me and I can put you in contact with our Pastor of Spanish outreach.
    PS. Our church in 2007 was voted by Outreach magazine as 60 in the top 100 fastest growing churches in the US.

  25. Kathi Rangel-Wrono Says:

    Marketing Plan – 48 Dias
    The Problem:
    Individuals who have been through the justice system and through the prison system, as well as their family members, often find that they are struggling to find employment upon their release or their acquittal. Even if they are found not guilty or deemed innocent, the record exists and often prevents them from being hired. This is doubly true for those who speak only Spanish and need orientation regarding how to successfully job hunt in today’s economy and job climate. Both men and women need a positive message and methodology with regard to job hunting, particularly women who have been through difficult divorces and find themselves raising children alone a d looking for work. Youth who have experienced a taste of the juvenile system are also in need of such help.

    The Solution:
    Dan Miller’s “48 Dias” contains must read materials for job hunters of all ages and races. It is an excellent tool both for those who are new to Christ as well as those who are seasoned Christians, as well as persons who do not know the Lord. It is encouraging and builds self-esteem. Following the methods in Mr. Miller’s book really works!

    The Proposal:
    Kathi Rangel-Wrono, Paralegal and Charles A. Banker, III, Attorney at Law, with the Christian law firm of Charles A. Banker, III, would welcome the opportunity to provide copies of 48 Dias to each current client, each new client, and every prospective client who comes to the office for a consultation. The books additionally will be marketed through Mr. Banker’s web site, which is listed in this post for Mr. Dan Miller’s review. Marketing the books at $6 or $7 apiece will put them into the hands of 15,000 clients and their families who desperately need this information in order to better their lives. The proceeds from the sale will be plowed back into Mr. Banker’s ministry – and he does consider his work a ministry – to provide additional valuable Christian resources for divorce clients, clients who are ex offenders, prospective clients and their families, and the Houston, Texas Spanish speaking community at large.

    Mr. Miller, we look forward to speaking with you further.

    Kathi S. Rangel-Wrono
    Paralegal to Charles A. Banker, III
    Law Firm of Charles A. Banker, III

  26. Claire Bartlett Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I have spoken to the head of employment services with the Latin American Association headquartered in Atlanta ( They are very interested in getting your book and message out to their base. “The Latin American Association helps Latino families achieve their aspirations for their academic, social and economic advancement. They accomplish this through direct programs and integrated community partnerships that focus on youth academic achievement, education and prevention, and services to families with urgent needs.”

    The plan we’ve devised so far would include:
    – Sell the book as feature item from their website for $6-7.00.
    – Email their base of 25,000 member families with the special LAA only offer.
    – Feature the book on the home page of their website.
    – Promote the book though their employment services division which includes career counseling, job fairs, resume writing, a job bank, skills training, interview coaching and much more. The book would be one more tool for them to offer their members.
    – Feature Dan Miller / 48 Days as a sponsor on their web site.

    From our initial conversation, they think 5000 books would go quickly because while they have a known base of 25,000, the community often works on word of mouth and they think when this is introduced, it will spread quickly to over 150,000 latinos throughout the Southeast.

    More important, I have agreed to split the profits with LAA so they would get a $7500 – $10,000 donation they desperately need so they can continue helping the Latin community help themselves.

    I look forward to working with you on this project!
    Best regards,

  27. Glen Markham Says:

    Use one of the best resources you have. The next time your are on Dave Ramsey’s show off the books at $10 like he does with his books. It may be a lot easier to unload them one at a time than 5,000 at a time.

  28. Corrine Crudup Says:

    I would present them to Hispanic churches. They could be introduced to the perishoners at any bible study or worship service. The concept would be to start a study group.

  29. Alicia Terry Says:

    Quick question.
    “You’ve got until the end of July.” Is that the deadline to submit a proposal or to have all books sold? Thank you.

  30. Cecile Aschwanden Says:

    Dear Dan,

    If this comment gets posted several times I apologize. I had submitted earlier but it did not get posted.

    As soon as I read your newsletter, I went ahead and registered in my name. My idea would be to scan in the first two or three chapters of the book and give an electronic version away for free online (e.g. as a .pdf). If people are interested in the entire book, they can then purchase the hard-copy. To promote the book I would probably start a blog covering 48days topics in Spanish, create a newsletter and develop a facebook profile.
    The website could be the starting point to offering the 48 days seminars in Spanish.
    Additionally, I encourage you Dan, to get the 48 days personality profiles along with the other accompanying personal coaching materials translated into Spanish as well. You could start offering “El Club del Aguila”, “El Paquete de Aumento de Vida” and “El Abejorro” and the 48 Days Facilitator Certification Program to promote and present the 48 Days to the Work You Love seminar in Spanish.
    Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world with about 425 million speakers. A huge market and the Spanish community (not just in the USA) is very entrepreneurial and affluent and I can just envision this venture to take off like an eagle.
    I believe this could be the beginning of a great opportunity.
    And when you are ready with your German copy, let me know…

    Sincerely, Cecile

  31. Linda Firestine Says:

    Hello Dan,
    How quickly could they be shipped and can you match the offer if you get multiple acceptable offers? Meaning, if someone gets their offer in before I do, can you get another 5000 and what would be the timeline on that? Also looking at this incase I can sell more than the original 5000.
    Mostly I want to know if I sign a deal, that I can follow through with it even if I come in second.
    Thank you.

  32. Dan Miller Says:

    Linda — the 5000 can be shipped immediately. They are sitting in my warehouse. I can always go back and print more, but I bought these at a deep discount to help my publisher. If we go for a new print run the cost will jump dramatically.

  33. Marilyn Magallanes Says:

    Dan, I would like to contact our Hispanic Chamber and FON about their upcoming Sept. 12th event as well as CCN and “maybe” one or two other organizations & churches with Hispanic congregants/members. My [rough draft] idea is this: If I can get each of these organizations to purchase the books [for a combined sales total of all 5000 books] to sell at a rate which still leaves them with margin to turn a profit, should they choose to resell them for profit to their members, then Juan and I will throw in the benefit of conducting a “48 Days To The Work You Love” mini workshop, En Español, at no additional cost to the organization or its members. This would be a win/win for all parties involved as well as our community.

  34. Mark Traylor Says:

    Dan, here’s my one minute elevator pitch.

    I would market the books to the US Army’s Career and Alumni Program (ACAP), which is a post-Army employment service for Soldiers. All Soldiers are required to attend this program when leaving the service and with nearly 11% of the Army made up of Hispanics, this would be a great opportunity for reaching those Soldiers. ACAP already provides books such as “What Color Is Your Parachute”, “From Army Green to Corporate Grey” as well as others. 48 Dias would be an excellent addition to the ACAP program. And not only would it be a way to move 5,000 copies immediately at full retail price or at a discounted price, it would also open the door to future Army purchases of 48 Days for all other Soldiers, access to ACAP’s online resources and possibly a long-term, multi-year contract to provide copies of both books and other 48 Days products on a recurring basis. What better way can there be to help Soldiers that have sacrificed so much for this country through their service than to give them the tools for them to create a successful “second career”.

    Thanks for considering my plan.

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  36. Nicolás Says:

    Hola Dan, how much do you think I need to quote prospective buyers to have the 5k books shipped to them? Thanks!

  37. honeyelize Says:

    I like beautiful blogs!

  38. Josh Williams Says:

    The best way I think to get rid of these books is to take them to these spanish owned cash advanced places and offer the owner a percent of what he can sell the books for. First of all, people coming into these places need help worse than any body and this could put them on the right track. Every one that walks in one of these cash advance places probably needs work or a better job. This helps in twofold: You help people that desperately need it and everyone that comes in these stores needs help. Also, what are the people that come into these places looking for: a better JOB, self-fulfillment, and more MONEY!!!

  39. Len Turner Says:


    I know several Christian pastors across the country who are also involved in radio broadcasting. My plan is contact these pastors as well as the largest Spanish language broadcasting networks, with a focus on the larger networks. The benefit to them, or a major sponsor in purchasing these books to ship from their own fulfillment facility is that they are limited in quantity at the current price. The possibilities for continued and collateral business for the stations and any of their sponsors who might buy the books are mind-boggling. The other possibility is for you or a representative (I’ll go.) to do a brief network appearance on the radio or the TV network as a featured guest in a 5 minute slot on the subject matter of the book, with an invitation to call soon for a copy at the reduced price. Most of my contacts are in the California market where there are millions of Spanish-speaking listeners/viewers. We may have to reload quickly.

  40. Anna Fontanez Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I just wanted to forward some information about our target market. The spanish translator say that The average Hispanic Internet user is male, 32 years old, and has an average annual income of $51,600,Approximately half of the Hispanic American Internet users are Spanish-dominant (Spanish is the primary language used in their homes)
    Around 74% connect to the Internet every day and 78% access the Web at home.The purchasing power of U.S. Hispanic households increased from US$ 276 billion in 2002 to US$ 630 billion in 2004 and to nearly US$ 1 trillion in 2009.

    -Some ideas to reach these markets is to recreate in spanish version, newsletters in spanish
    -Offering discounts on your book and coaching to the first 5,000
    -Offer colleges and Highschool Juniors and Seniors a donation of books offering assignments to go over with parents as a project to see if they are currently in the work they love, it also gives our students the keys needed in finding something they are passionate about and creating it into their Career. The great thing about this is their parents will be talking about what they are doing with their children which causes a word of mouth marketing which can be the strongest marketing to
    -Offerring a career center booth at jobbing expo’s with the books offering them at $7.00 each with some free bees that the company can offer. I live in Tucson Az and the Jobbing expos here are really big.
    -Donate or offer a special deal with the Department of Economic Security for Unemployment offering them a tool in finding success in a job they love creating less unemployment rate in our spanish community
    These are just some ideas I thought of. It would be exciting to be part of this opportunity! Thank you!

  41. Anna Fontanez Says:

    Also marketing to spanish Myspace and Facebook if they have it as a tool linked to your website

  42. Lee Smith Says:


    If you want to sell these quickly, you should partner with someone on the border (Texas, So. California, etc.) and sell them for pesos…NOT dollars. This will save the buyers the cost of currency exchange, and most likely they will move much faster that way.

  43. Key Monroe Says:

    Here in the Mid-West we have a great deal of Spanish speaking works, from agricultural, beef, pork and poultry processing, to business owners who repair cars and cleaning homes. It is a very diverse and close community. Recently we have been hit very hard by the economy, and have had several companies’ closings or large companies leaving town. Unemployment is very high and now we have a surplus of very capable workers.
    My plan would be to approach these companies who are laying-off their workers to offer these books to their employees hopefully before they are laid-off. The department of Labor would also, be good outlets for resale of the books.

  44. Daniel Sainz Says:

    Dan, I would offer them for sale on the equivalent to e-bay in Mexico witch is called “” I would set the price at $100 Mexican pesos that are about $7.35 US Dollars. With country wide exposure in Mexico I think there would be no problem in getting those copies sold in a reasonable time.

    Daniel Sainz.

  45. Summer Hurd Says:

    While todays job market is declining and more people are losing jobs everyday, we need to focus on areas which are growing: the US Government. I have contacted the United States Official job search site for Government jobs ( to offer links to purchase the book or offer it to their spanish speaking clientele. It will be on their Career Exploration section of their site and will be offered at 40% off, because statistically 40% will sell more copies than 30% off so we can unload the books faster. Plus, this will establish a long term relationship for the next shipment of books and future books you may publish to focus on the ever changing economy. Also offering an even more discounted e-book version will be available to those who are interested. That price can be negotiated later, plus it can sell simultaneously as the first 5,000 copies so there is more revenue. The site reaches every Department of the government plus has nationwide and international job search postings once people have read your book they can get started finding the work they love.

  46. kathleen wehle Says:

    I am in Charleston, SC, an area which experienced a boom in the Mexican population with the construction boom. Now that those opportunities have dried up quite a bit, I do imagine that there are unemployed non-English speaking persons wondering what to do next.

    We have one Spanish radio station that could give a book away weekly based on the best “Mi Proximo Sueno” story supplied by listeners. (my spanish may be rusty, the phrase I intended is “My Next Dream”, there should be a curlycue over the “n” in sueno.)

    The Literacy Association here has a full class every week for “Ingles Lessons”, so perhaps they could award their students with a book. Maybe they could work on the English version together in class as an exercise, seeing the two different ways the same idea is captured.

    I do think more old-fashioned marketing avenues are better, not high-tech ones, because that market does not necessarily own a computer and operates on nominal cash, most of which I assume is sent back to family, not spent on “toys”.

  47. Kaccy Garthwaite Says:

    Living in Southeastern New Mexico where nearly 80 % of the population is Spanish presents a great opportunity. My plan is to contact local:
    High Schools and Colleges
    Equipping the counselors/advisors with the tools needed to help the students choose, with confidences, their career path.
    Churches and Youth Groups
    Offering it to churches or youth groups, you can reach older generations also.
    Setting up a “scholarship fund”. Allowing those in the church that could afford to support two or three students/parents could buy the “48 Days to the Job You Love” at a discount. Enriching others lives by giving them the tools they need to succeed!

  48. John Henderson Says:


    The National Society of Hispanic MBA’s will be in Minneapolis, MN October 6-11, 2009. They are expecting 8,000 attendees.

    If you are not limited to 5k books. I would suggest they add one book to each menebers welcom bag/kit.

    Thank you.

    Their web site is

  49. Danielle Cochran Says:

    I have contacted several dealers to sell the product to try and sell the books. Here are my ideas-
    Contact motivational speakers or life coaches such as Zig Ziglar, Robert Kihasaki and Tony Robbins, ask if they would like to pair this book with theirs and sell it at local events.
    My second idea is contacting prisons and sell the book the book to them directly for classes to better prisoners. I have emailed several prisons to find out if they would be interested. I havent heard anything yet and I have messages in as well.
    My third idea is contacting larger schools and selling the books to them as well.
    My last idea was contacting the Mexican Government and selling it to them to give these books to their prisoners. Thank you for the opportunity.

  50. Keith Wadley Says:

    My idea is to sell them to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for them to distribute through one of three methods: give them to Hispanic inmates to help with rehabilitation, sell them to their Hispanic inmates to recoup the cost of the books, or to offer a class that uses the book as a textbook so that they are reused and no additional purchases are necessary.

    There are almost 50,000 Hispanics in the Texas prison system (state and federal:, page 1)

    I have no contacts within the Department but I would be willing to pursue this further if you would like me to look into this as a possibility. With a few phone calls I could quickly find out what the approval process looks like, a time line for gaining the approval, and whether any investment would be required up front to pursue this idea.

    Thanks for reading,

    Keith Wadley

  51. Martha Dominguez Says:

    Hi Dan:

    I can offer your book to the stores that sell this kind of books and the libraries of Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


  52. Beth Wright Says:

    Follett Higher Education Group is considering your books, but won’t know for two more weeks, can there be an extnsion to due date, or maybe if they say yes you will consider them too !

  53. Danny T Says:

    I believe Walmart distribution would jump on an exclusive deal to distribute the spanish edition of the great Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work you love.
    The mexican/Spanish speaking population is no longer the minority, and most of them shop at Walmart. I believe Walmart could be convinced to use the exclusive purchase as publicity.

  54. Sandra Says:

    There’s a distributor based out of Mexico City that my mom has been in contact with lately. The idea would be to distribute it to PEMEX (Mexican Oil Company) employees, Mexican military, and different organizations in Mexico

  55. Dan Miller Says:

    Thanks so much for all the activity here. Now it’s July 31st — Yes, I still have the books in our warehouse. As you can see, there are a whole lot of suggestions about what I could go do. I hope I made it clear, I wasn’t looking for ideas about what I could go do. I was simply presenting an opportunity for someone to create a plan and tell us where to ship the books. Offer still stands.

    I will go back through and respond to some of you who seemed to be close to making something happen. Thanks — Dan Miller

  56. Robb Cates Says:

    Dan- I would contact Immigration or U.S. citizenship and use the books for new immigrants entering the U.S. I am sure most would be willing to invest $6-10 to make a difference in their new future.

  57. Jennifer ODonnell Says:

    I would contact the various Hispanic/Latino chambers of Commerce in the different states and sell them on the book that can be distributed to their members. there is also a convention next month in Denver of the US Hispanic Chambers and not only will there be networking opportunities there, but they will have an expo area to sell the books. This convention is also open to businesses that are looking for ways to expand their markets to cater to the Hispanic population.

  58. Carolyn Schlauch Says:

    I am returning to TN in the latter half of August. I can pick up the books and take them to Ft. Campbell. There are seminars for soldiers leaving the Army. The Spanish-speaking people there (there are many) would certainly love to buy a copy. then I can take them home to Ft. Leonard Wood and do the same thing. I have two sons-in-law who are stationed at Ft. Campbell and who know many Spanish-speaking families. Remember, Dan, when you give a book to a soldier, you litterally send your ideas all around the world.

  59. Carl Says:


    (1) Enlist a spanish-speaking helper to contact by phone all of the Hispanic churches in your area, offering a free internet-based conference.

    The freebee to get in the door: Offer a free Spanish internet-based conference. Have a native Spanish-speaker to give your best presentation. Give lots of great info, including a discussion on the unique issues facing those with their background.

    Then dual offers – to the church, offer a commission on each book. The goal is to get 100 pastors to sell 50 books each. The second offer is for the book itself to the conference-attenders.

    The motivation is that their church benefits directly with commission, and indirectly with members of the church succeeding with their careers. Both are great selling points. Never underestimate the influence of a sincere pastor trying to care for his flock.

    PLAN #2 – GIVE the book away. Free. No strings. As part of the above church-aimed marketing plan. But then use the book and things that you put in/with the book to sell multiple other programs, DVDs, etc. Sometimes selling a book is a waste of a good book!

  60. Carl Says:

    As I was reflecting on my earlier post, I realized something. Are you sure you are asking the right question? Is your goal to sell 5,000 books? Or to break into a new market?

    If it’s to sell books, then brute strength eventually works. If it’s to break into the market, give the book away. What’s your real goal?

    And for added measure, plan 3: Have 4 good articles of yours translated into Spanish, and give them free to Spanish-speaking bloggers in that community. Let the bloggers have commission via affiliate links.

  61. Mac Says:

    Dan: We had our annual Vacation Bible School last month and while preparing for it, somehow I missed your blessing. I have some great ideas to put on paper. I will have my plan and my shipping address this week. You and Dave Ramsey are truly servants for the Lord. I am debt free except for my house and have started a business thanks to both of your burdens to utilize the talents God has given you.

    In Christ,
    Rom 8:28

  62. joey Says:


    Why not take the 5000 books that you have sitting in the warehouse and donate them to churches, schools, civic organizations and Spanish Christian music radio stations for giveaways. By donating your book you will be setting an example that it really is better to give than to receive especially when you have been richly blessed

    You have a wonderful opportunity to bless 5000 people by providing them with a copy of your book. Just think of all the lives you will touch as a result of 5000 people reading that book right now. How powerful would that be,

    Sure $15,000 is a lot of money but after you pay for your storage and what the books cost you to print you might profit $8,000.

    If you were going to advertise your book to the Spanish community I promise you that $8,000 would not get you far. I am sure you already know that. I am also certain that the word would get out about your generosity and you will be blessed at another time.

    I could really use $15,000 dollars right now, but your book might really be able to help someone so they could take care of themselves and their families. What a great opportunity you have. I look forward to when I will have the same opportunity to richly bless 5000 people.

    Just thinking about it gives me a chill down my spine.

    You are truly a blessed man.

    I guess I will just have to manifest $15,000 differently.

  63. Nadja Trawick Says:

    First… thank you for doing what you were called to do. Your obediance has been a blessing to me, so again, thank you.

    Please advise if the offer has been extended, I just received the email about this today. I understand that you want a PLAN that is set to go, not simply an idea. I have serveral and will contact the entities that I believe would be interested and able to make this be a blessing and benefit to everyone involved.

    I look forward to your reply.

  64. Stephanie Says:


    Did you receive a plan you accepted yet? If not, what is the deadline as of today: August 4, 2009?

    With gratitude,


  65. Michelle Shepherd Says:

    Good afternoon Dan,

    Please forgive the lateness of this reply, I just liberated four newsletters from my overly enthusiastic junk folder! No wonder I’ve been feeling empty lately!

    In any case, I believe these books will be snatched up by a company like Manpower, a job search/placement facility that has a number of branches in Mexico. To that end, I’ve taken the liberty of emailing them my suggestion. If Manpower is not interested, there are a fair number of similar outfits that will be, I’m sure; therefore, I believe I should earn the “prize.”

    Additionally, I would like to thank you for all you have done-I’m one of the proud owners of a 48 Days program 3 ring binder-and I’ve seen the power this system has had.

    Have a great day!

  66. Glenda Powers Says:

    I haven’t read all of the responses, perhaps it has already been suggested.

    How about collaborate with a/some financial counselors who are bilingual? Based on the book, when you go toward your dreams the money will manefest…if that is the case, then it should be a perfect fit for someone who needs financial counseling.

  67. Liz Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for the extension on this. I am working on getting my plan in place. I have a few phone calls out and will post again once I have things “in place.”


  68. Kelly Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Are you still accepting business plans? Most of the posts look more like a “brainstorming” session than a real solution. If you are still accepting business plans, my husband Gonzalo and I will submit one. We would need to know the weight and shipping cost to Colombia.

    Thank you,


  69. joey Says:

    Just had to laugh at Kelly post, Most of the posts just look like “Brainstorming”good thing she is here now to save the day!

  70. Kelly Says:

    Gosh, I’m really sorry, everyone… I didn’t mean it like that…Please forgive.

  71. Becky Says:

    I would partner with my favorite church in Redding, CA who already have an established internet base for material that shakes paradigms and brings people into their destiny, and sell them from their website.

    They are working with their city to influence their economy and atmosphere, I believe that your book could be used by them to do this in any translation since their influence is global.

    Your book and your material has blessed our lives in a huge way, thank you.

  72. Nita Says:

    I would like to partner with Phoenix First Assembly to provide the books to the Dream Centers in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York City. My idea is to have the members of PFA purchase the books ($6 as suggested) and then donate them to the Dream Centers for using in their job training with local hispanics.

  73. Quick Cash Lender Says:

    excellent proposition Dan

  74. Dan Says:

    Kelly, the weight of the books is approximately 3500 lbs. Shipping to Columbia – airport to airport – is $4400.

  75. Dan Says:

    It’s now Sept 4th. We had requests to send 3 books out as samples. I really thought this was a simple business proposition that would make someone a chunk of money. But I think it highlights the fact that having an idea and having a plan of action are two very different things.

  76. Kay Olry Says:

    Dan – Are you saying that none of these ideas have panned out and you still have all of these books?

  77. Dan Miller Says:

    Kay – that’s exactly right. Lots of “ideas” – no “plans.” We’re talking with QVC – but I’m open to having a plan. A check and an address is all I need.

  78. Phillip Swindall Says:

    Dan… its Thanksgiving day… do you STILL have the books?

  79. Phillip Swindall Says:

    Had to post this again, cause I forgot to click the “notify me” box… sorry

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