Appendix – updated resources

No More Mondays  — Appendix  & Additional Resources


     The Internet provides a wealth of useful information.  However, it is also a living, changing resource, providing deception as well as valuable resources that come and go on a daily basis.  Learn to use it with discretion.  Double-check any information against other sources.  Know that as of this writing, the following Internet links provided the information we consider useful.

No More Monday Work Models

     We’ve covered many of the ways people move into No More Mondays work models.  If starting a business is intimidating, you need to know there are many ways to move out of the traditional employee role without really even starting a business. Here are some of the most popular non-traditional work models that are not traditional businesses either.

Want to work from home?


     Yes, it really is possible to work from home.  As more of you are looking for creative ways to control your time but still create significant income, you will want to be aware of new kinds of opportunities.      

    Having a 30-second commute is very appealing.  I’ve enjoyed that for years, not wasting time on travel, fighting traffic, nor the time spent around the water cooler discussing last nights sitcoms.  It’s easy to start a long list of benefits:

  • No Nasty Commute
  • Safety at home rather than risk in a high-rise
  • I just found 6 more weeks a year
  • Fancy wardrobe optional
  • Eat from the fridge rather than expensive restaurants
  • Flexible work hours
  • (Add your own here)


But is it legal?

     There are some legitimate questions to be asked about working from home.  But most are easily addressed.  Working from home does not need to be a complex challenge.

  • Does your city have zoning ordinances regarding working from home?
  • How is your property zoned?
  • a. Restrictions regarding traffic
  • b. Restrictions regarding noise
  • c. Outside signs
  • d. On-street Parking
  • e. Employees
  • f. Customers – retail selling
  • g. Storage of Materials
  • Keep good relationships with your neighbors
  • Use a PO Box or office suite as your business mailing address
  • Apply for a use permit – or variance

     Know the requirements in your area regarding working from home.  Restrictions regarding traffic, noise, signs, parking, employees, customers coming in and out, and storage of materials are the most common concerns.  Those are the things that are going to draw attention and possibly create challenges.  You need to check the zoning requirements where you are. If you’re within the city limits, it’s more difficult.  Just find out what the legalities are.

     There’s a lot of grey area today because thousands and thousands of people are now working from home. Even professionals like attorneys and accountants. One of the things you want to do is make sure you’re friends with your neighbors. If you have 20 cars show up every morning at your place, yes, that’s going to be a challenge for zoning unless you live way out in the country where it’s really not an issue.  You can’t have anything that creates a lot of traffic or noise. You can’t put a sign in your front yard. You can’t have retail customers coming in and out. With those kinds of businesses, frequently you will need a traditional storefront of some kind.


Interested in Telecommuting??

     You will find opportunities for artists, desktop publishers, photographers, salespeople, writers, engineers, programmers, data entry clerks, and many others.  Check out  for hundreds of telecommuting jobs. 

Others sites of interest are: 
(Note:  Some of these sites will charge for information.  Use discretion.  You will find opportunities for artists, desktop publishers, photographers, salespeople, writers, engineers, programmers, data entry and many other skills.  As with any opportunity, check each possibility out thoroughly.) 

Some of the Best Jobs for Telecommuting

Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, and Budget Analysts, Abstractor, Columnist, Copywriter, Editor, Reporter, Researcher, Technical writer, Transcriber, Translator, and Word processor, Computer Service Technician, Data Entry Clerk, Database Administrator, Graphic Artist, Information Specialist, LAN Manager, Medical Records Technician, Programmer, Records Manager, Systems Analyst, and Web design and other Internet related work, Fundraiser, Real Estate Agent, Sales Representative, and telemarketer, Architect, Customer Service Representative, Human Resource Personnel, Lawyer, Market Researcher, Probation Officer,  Public Relations Specialist, and Travel Agent.

     You may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to transition from your current position into telework.  Here’s a great overview of how to make your case for telecommuting:

  • Would your company like to save rent, utilities, parking and wardrobe?
  • Are you willing to be paid for your “results” rather than “time?”


“You” for sale

     For decades, companies have been using the same methods for finding workers; newspaper ads, word-of- mouth, family connections, and recruiters. An interesting development is occurring with the ease of using the Internet. We are seeing more and more companies putting out projects and allowing people to bid on those projects.

     Talented Revolutionary workers are also putting their skills up for bid. At you can find projects available in sales, writing, management, administration, architecture, legal and more.  At  there are even more opportunities in writing, editing, graphic design programming.  If you have skills in any area, you can list your availability and go to the highest bidder. Nurses will find opportunities at  There are new opportunities appearing every day.   

     As always in a healthy work economy, you must be very clear about your marketable skills. Once you have identified your strongest areas of competence, the options for generating revenue become very interesting.


Interested in unusual work?

Moms to Work kit –

Moms working from home  

The Employment Guide’s listing of work-at-home opportunities

     There are real opportunities within these.  Just be aware they may look different and may compensate differently, but they are the coming trend.




Thinking about consulting?

     Here are a few consulting associations you should check out:

Launching a Business?  What’s your plan?

If you are doing something small on your own, I can give you a simple Business Planning Guide to get you started:     

If you are going to borrow money, raise venture capital, have lots of employees, and own real estate, then you will need a more comprehensive Business Plan.  Here are a few sites to get you started:,5971,,00.html

Luck Is What Happens To People Who Have Clear Goals

 And Detailed Plans Of Action.


Legal information you need to know

     Research what you will need for Federal, State and Local licenses and Taxes – every state has an Internet site where you can quickly and easily access forms, licenses, etc. 

     You can find your state by Googling “Ohio government,” etc.  When it comes to a business license start-up or working from home, my philosophy is, “Keep it simple.” Don’t make things more complicated then they need to be.

     Whether you’re going to launch an eBay business or a window washing service or start selling home-baked cheesecakes, you can do those things without any complex process. You simply show it as miscellaneous income on your income taxes.  There is nothing misrepresentative about that when you’re just starting your venture. Just start showing it as miscellaneous income so it goes in as part of your income tax.

     Business licenses typically are about $20 a year. If you get one of those, it will start the ball rolling on some other processes. You will then be asked to submit year end records. In most counties in the United States, there’ll be some small percentage occupational tax that will come from that. There may be a franchise and excise tax depending on how you’re structured.

     You don’t need to do anything complicated in terms of forming a corporation or an LLC unless you really are going to start a large scale business. My philosophy is start small.  When you see that you’re going to generate $50,000 to $60,000 a year, then you might want to look at the possibility of forming an LLC or an S-corporation, which would be the most likely two corporate structures that would be appropriate for the kind of businesses that we’re talking about.

     You do need a Sales and Use Tax License if you’re going to buy something at wholesale and resell it — even products that go in as components of something else you’re going to sell.   For example, if you buy ingredients for the brownies you make and you want to buy those without having to pay tax, you get a resale license. You buy those wholesale and don’t pay tax, then you collect tax on the product that you sell. For all of these kinds of businesses, you do need a sales and use tax license.   Every state has its own licensing for that. In the state of Tennessee, it costs you a mere $5 to get it. You will be able to access that from your state’s online government site.

Distinguishing Between Self-Employed Individuals and Independent Contractors


You are self-employed if any of the following apply to you:

  • You carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor;
  • You are a member of a partnership or limited liability company that files a Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership, that carries on a trade or business; or
  • You are otherwise in business for yourself.

You are also self-employed if you have a part-time business, in addition to your regular job.

Still have questions:  This site can help:,,id=115041,00.html


Beware of Scams

     With thousands of people exploring work-at-home possibilities, it also brings out the scammers.  You’ve seen the ads – in the newspaper, on telephone poles, in your email – “MAKE $1,000 A DAY!!!!!  I just received one – 30 DAYS TO A MILLIONAIRE – GUARANTEED!!!!  Others claim, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!!  LIVE THE HIGH LIFE!!!  But as the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  I continue to hear from people who sent in their $30 for the instructions, or went to the $89 seminar or even paid for the $3500 computer training to guarantee their success.  As people do want new options to the 8-5 grind, it also opens the door for people to take advantage of others. 

Here are some ways to spot a scam:

  • If the ad has a lot of CAPITALIZATION and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!, warning signs should go off in your head.
  • If they say you can make a lot of money with little or no work, don’t believe it.
  • If the ad is not clear and does not give details, you are being baited.
  • Home employment schemes are among the oldest kinds of classified advertising fraud. Many require that you pay for instructions, training or materials before any supposed profits. Envelope stuffing, assembly or craft work, and at home training to get ready to make money are some of the most common scams.

What to do if you suspect a scam:

  • Contact your local Better Business Bureau. They are very aggressive about stopping scams.
  • Check out the Federal Trade Commission web site for more information on avoiding and reporting scams.

Free ideas!

     One of the most popular methods today for structuring any business option is by implementing it as a:  HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEAS.   More possibilities pop up daily – the best way for me to keep sharing new ideas is through my free weekly newsletter:

In addition to most franchises, business opportunities, and distributorships being practiced as home based businesses, here are some additional ideas to stimulate your thinking:

Accounting Services                                        Portrait Painter

Appliance Repair                                             Gift Baskets

Vending                                                           Interior Decorating

Window Displaying                                         House Painting

Consignment Used Cars                                 Child Security Systems

Nutrition Counselor                                         Organic Gardening

Tree Removal                                                  Kitchen Tune-Ups

Home Schooling Counselor                             Mail Order Ideas

Pet Sitter                                                          Aerial Photos

Internet Marketing                                           Sewing Alterations

Electroplating                                                   Wedding Planning

Senior Citizen Care                                          Graphic Design

Newsletters                                                      Flea Market Vendor

Home Inspection                                             Ceiling Fan Installation

Auto Detailing                                                 Power Washing

Tutoring                                                           Jewelry Sales

Chimney Cleaning                                           Decks & Coverings

Manners Instruction                                         Balloon Vendor

Real Estate Photos                                           Discount Coupon Books

Import/Export Broker                                    Wedding Photography

Delivery Service                                              Lawn Service

Landscaping                                                    Roofing

Computer Services                                         Web Site design

PR & Marketing                                               Training Seminars

Buy & Sell                                                            Mobil Car Washing

Recharging Printer Cartridges                           Sell Items on Consignment

“How To” Books                                                Event Planning

Animal Trainer                                                  Apartment Finder

Bed & Breakfast Proprietor                             Business Consultant

Cake Decorating                                                Used Stereo Equipment

Custom Made Candies                                      Hot Dog Sales

Hospital Flower Vending                                 Bicycle Repair

Window Tinting                                               House Cleaning

Catering                                                             Child Transportation

Independent Sales Agent                                 Career Coach

***Add your own ideas to this list

________________________________                                ________________________________

________________________________                                ________________________________

     Look through the back of all those newsstand magazines.  Yes, there is a lot of garbage in there – but you find the great ones by getting familiar with a lot of them.  Send for information from 20-30 companies and you’ll begin to see what makes sense.


If we listened to our intellect, we’d never have a love affair.  We’d never have a friendship.   We’d never go into business, because we’d be cynical.  Well, that’s nonsense. You’ve got to jump off the cliff all the time and build your wings on the way down.  —  Ray Bradbury

Helpful Internet Sites for No More Mondays development:


This site lists 1,200 business resources for those seeking self-employment


This is the U.S. Small Business Administration site.  Massive amount of information and links


A wonderful site by the National Federation of Independent Business, giving you daily information concerning legislation effecting small business and a great variety of daily tips for being more successful.


Find a business for sale, business building information, business opportunities, etc.


The American Association of Home-Based Businesses


Small Business Resources — articles, franchise and business opportunity database


Home Office Association of America


National Business Association


The National Minority Business Council


      SOHO – Small Office Home Office.  Help for the challenges of working in a small office/home office environment


      The complete Guerilla Marketing site.  Books, resources, chat rooms, updates effecting your    business


      This really is a site for unhappy people to tell their work stories.  Last year over 800,000 people lost their jobs and millions more are just not happy.


     International Franchise Association.  This is the membership organization of franchisers, franchisees and suppliers


     Asian American Economic Development Enterprises Inc.  Helps to create business and personal growth for Asian Americans and others through education, employment and enterprise.


     Asian Business Association.  Helps Asian American business owners gain access to economic opportunities.


     Hispanic Business Association International.  Promotes the advancement and training of Hispanic businesses


     National Association for the Self-Employed.  Assists small business owners with the services, resources and benefits of large companies


     National Association of Women Business Owners.  Represents the interests of female entrepreneurs


     Small Business Survival Committee.  Advocacy group for small business.


    Women Construction Owners and Executives.  Promotes members through marketing, financing, legislative action.


     Women Incorporated.  Networking organization that also provides access to capital.


     U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Much information about all business questions.


     UCLA Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.  Provides a set of academic and extracurricular

experiences that advance the theory and practice of entrepreneurship.


     Women Business Owners Corporation.  Provides national certification for women-owned companies.


     Patent and Trademark Depository Library.  All patent information, including attorneys and agents.  Forms can be printed, disclosure documents, etc. 

 26.  or

     Paul and Sarah Edwards site on self-employment tips.


     A resource site with links to other sites offering information on work-from-home options, home-based businesses, background checks on employees, and much more. 


     The US government site.  Can help you identify and comply with federal regulations, and links you to the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and numerous other federal agencies.  You can also obtain any federal tax information by calling the IRS at 800-TAX-FORM.


All secure shopping sites that feature both low-cost and high-end business computers.


A massive site to search the world of small business in one place on the Web.  This will provide you with fast accurate results to most all your questions.


A secure online shopping environment where you can peruse or purchase Entrepreneur’s Business Start-Up guides.  You’ll find lots of tools to help you plan, run and grow your business.


       The Big Idea – Donny Deutsch.   The weekly show on CNBC profiles ideas that have been 

       turned into million dollar businesses.

Suggested Reading List       from Dan Miller’s library

Reading great books is the quickest method I know of for changing your current level of success.  Here you can tap into proven success principles and become an expert very quickly.

Allen, Robert.  Multiple Streams of Income.  A masterful guide to insulating yourself against corporate decisions by developing multiple streams of income, using real estate, investing, and the Internet.

Allen, Robert.  Multiple Streams of Internet Income.  How ordinary people make extraordinary money online.  I use this with every client where we are working with an Internet site as part of their business.

Andrews, Andy.  The Traveler’s Gift.  A delighted little book in which the writer tells a story of a dream traveler who meets 7 important people from history.  From each one he learns a very important life principle.

Bolles, Richard Nelson. What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers.  The best single source for the career process. Updated every year.  Many practical tips and processes for guiding through the search.

Bolles, Richard N.  Where Do I Go From Here With My Life?  A very practical and effective life/work planning manual for all ages.

Boldt, Laurence.  Zen and Art of Making a Living.  Another artistic way to look at the life you want, and then to develop your career around that.

Buford, Bob.  Halftime.  This book takes a Christian look at the change in life where we become more interested in “significance” than “success.”

Cameron, Julia.  The Artist’s Way.  A delightful guide to re-discovering your creativity and authentic self.  Julia shows how we are all artistic and creative – we may need to just rediscover those qualities.

Canfield, Jack.  The Success Principles.  An incredible compilation of 64 success principles for the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Carnegie, Dale.  How to Win Friends and Influence People.  Old time favorite about how to treat people and gain positive influence.

Carnegie, Dale.  How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.  Based on the premise, “What’s the worst that could happen?” This book teaches you to build from there.  If you’ve had a disaster in your life, this book can encourage you to look at where you are and move forward.

Covey, Stephen R.  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Dynamic presentation of how to develop direction and a personal mission statement.  Rather textbookish – don’t get bogged down in the details, but you need to understand the principles.

Covey, Stephen R.  The 8th Habit.-from Effectiveness to Greatness.  Another bulky 410-page book to tell you a simple principle.  “Find your own voice and help others find theirs.”  If you’re using the 48 Days principles, you’re already doing this. 

Covey, Stephen R.  First Things First.  Expansion of one of the “7 Habits” books.  How to set clear priorities in your life.

Edwards, Paul and Sarah.  Making It On Your Own.  How to change your thinking from the employee mentality to a revolutionary mindset.  In today’s work environment, you need to be willing to look at new work models.

Edwards, Paul and Sarah.  Working From Home.  Everything you need to know about living and working under the same roof.  Updated every couple of years so you will find current information. 

Eikleberry, Carol.  The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People.  A wonderful guide for applying your artistic, writing, music or other creative skills in ways that can make you money.

Frankl, Viktor.  Man’s Search for Meaning.  A classic work by a concentration camp prisoner.  Identifies that even when everything else is taken away, we have the ability to choose.  I read this one about every six months just to remind myself of what is really important.

Gire, Ken.  Windows of the Soul.  One of my favorite books ever.  A gentle guide to help us see God in new ways. I believe it opens our eyes to see more opportunities all around us in the process.  A timeless classic.

Guiness, Os.  The Call.  A critical thinking book about how to find God’s central purpose for our lives.

Hanson, Mark Victor and Robert Allen.  The One Minute Millionaire.  Presenting the enlightened way to wealth – not at the expense of others but by helping others in the process.  A must read.

Hill, Napoleon.  Think and Grow Rich.  One of the greatest bestsellers of all time.  How to think yourself into a new way of living.

Johnson, Spencer.  The Present.  A quick read – shows the importance of learning from the past, planning for the future, but living in the present.

Johnson, Spencer,  Who Moved My Cheese?  A modern allegory about changing work environments.  Don’t expect things to always be the same.  If you are not prepared, you will feel like a victim.

Jones, Laurie Beth.  The Path.  A great resource for creating your Mission Statement for Work and for Life.  Whereas 7 Habits of Highly Successful People will tell you the importance of a mission statement, The Path will show you how to do it.

Kiyosaki, Robert.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  This may open your eyes to see how to be successful in work and business.  It dispels a lot of American myths about how to be successful.

Lee, Blaine.  The Power Principle.  Influence with Honor.  Another great book from Covey Leadership Center.  Living by the principles outlined here will do more for your true success than having a marketing strategy for a new product.

Levinson, Jay Conrad.   The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook.  Great tips for marketing yourself or your small business.  Jay has several books on guerilla marketing; they are all very useful and practical for low-cost ways to build your business.  Check out all the Guerilla Marketing titles at:

McAlindon, Harold.  The Little Book of Big Ideas.  Chock full of tips on releasing your creative thinking and seeing opportunities all around.  Wonderful quotations from the world’s most creative minds.

Mackay, Harvey.  We Got Fired.  Harvey interviewed 28 famous people who have experienced being fired, at least once.  The list includes the former head of the American Red Cross,  the founder of The Home Depot, a Super Bowl coach and the chief executive of Bank One.  Read how being fired is compared to being kicked with a “golden horseshoe.”

Pink, Daniel.  Free Agent Nation.  Does a great job of describing the shift from “employee” to “free agent.”

Quindlen, Anna.  A Short Guide to a Happy Life.  What does it take to really live deeply and successfully, rather than to just exist?  This little book puts in perspective those things we often consider to be too important.

Ramsey, Dave.  Financial Peace.  The best all-around source for getting your finances in order.  This New York Times bestseller has transformed the finances of thousands of American homes.

Ramsey, Dave.  The Total Money Makeover.  This is a proven plan for financial fitness.  Thousands of people have become debt-free and are running their lives and businesses with no debt.  This book tells you how you can do it too.

Schwartz, David.  The Magic of Thinking Big.  Workable methods for thinking big.  How to create your own “good luck.”  The book that put coach Lou Holtz on the road to extraordinary success.

Shenson, Howard.  Shenson On Consulting.  The best overview of making the transition from a regular “job” to consulting.

Sinetar, Marsha.  To Build The Life You Want, Create The Work You Love.  An excellent guide to looking at your life and building priorities around values.  Marsha is a delightful writer who will challenge your thinking and convince you that doing what you love is possible.

Stanley, Thomas.  The Millionaire Next Door.  An excellent overview of wealth-building principles.

Stanley, Thomas,  The Millionaire Mind.  A phenomenal follow-up to The Millionaire Next Door.  This one tells the top common characteristics of truly wealthy people.  They might surprise you.

Weiss, Andrew.  Million Dollar Consulting.  A textbook manual on becoming a high-level consultant.

Wiseman, Richard.  The Luck Factor.  Luck is not something that just happens to some people. We create our own luck.  Want to dramatically increase yours?  Read this.

Zelinski, Ernie.  The Joy of Not Working.  A humorous look at the benefits of not working.  

Ziglar, Zig.  See You At The Top.  Long-time favorite about positive thinking and winning attitudes.  One of my personal favorites for children, teenagers, and adults.

Audio Programs *

CDs are a powerful method of getting new information and increasing your ability to go to new levels of accomplishment.  These tapes can propel you to the success you are seeking.  Don’t try to learn the lessons of life slowly; learn from the masters who are willing to pass on the wisdom of the ages.

Abraham, Jay.  Your Secret Wealth.  Jay is an incredible thinker and innovator.  He is a master at showing people how to use leverage and optimization to multiply their income.

Hill, Napoleon.  The Science of Personal Achievement.  A wonderful collection of original speeches given by the author of Think and Grow Rich.

Kiyosaki, Robert.  Rich Dad Secrets.  Secrets to Money, Business and Investing… and how you can profit from them. 

Nightingale, Earl.  Lead the Field.  An old classic, used by thousands of salespeople.

Templeton, Sir John.  Laws of Inner Wealth.  Principles for spiritual and material abundance. 

Tracy, Brian.  Getting Rich in America.  The best information I have found on starting your own business.

Tracy, Brian.  The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement.  Brian does a great job of overviewing the principles for success, happiness, and achievement.

Tracy, Brian.  The Psychology of Selling.  The best compact training course in selling skills and techniques I have been able to find.

Waitley, Denis.  The Psychology of Winning.  One of the best-selling tape sets of all time.  Used to train Olympic athletes.  How to think like a winner.

* Most of these tape sets are available from Nightingale Conant.  1-800-323-5552  or  Call for free catalogue of sales and motivational tapes.

11 Responses to “Appendix – updated resources”

  1. Brian Says:

    My friend, you claimed the offers you backed in your “at home work” program, were “no start up fee” offers.

    A lie. I ran into a bunch of them already thru your site references. Examples are those of “one time fees” up to those asking how much your willing to invest.

    I really hate decievers. I ended up on the down hill side of a situation I had no control over, which put me homeless and jobless. And my physical disabilities are bad enough I can’t keep a job, but not bad enough to get County or State help. thus, I’m stuck at a friend’s place with nothing.

    I’ve been trying to find a job that does not require any “start up” fees, as I’m broke and friends are slowly dropping, having had to borrow from them in this stranded position.

    Thanks for nothing Mr. Miller. “Free” does not mean that these days. Theres always deceptive “hidden costs” not brought up till your ready to join, then- “poof”, up it comes. And people like you back them up with more deception. Again- thanks for nothing.

    God Bless!!

  2. 48days Says:


    I’m not clear where you saw me list any “free” offers for anything. Many of the sites do have free resources — but I list lots of resources simply for further information and research. I do expect you the reader to make your own decisions about what is the best course of action for you. The fact that a start-up program costs money certainly does not mean it has no credibility or is a rip-off. In fact most programs that have any value do cost some amount of money to begin. Last I heard McDonalds wasn’t giving away their franchises. Typically if something costs nothing — it’s worth about the same. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot — but I encourage you to keep your optimism up and have a realistic view of how to start something on your own.

  3. Bessie Says:

    What is a home schooling counselor? To be a Nutrition Counselor must you be a certified nutritionist?

  4. Cynthia Says:

    I’ve visited many of the websites in the above list and I think you ought to check them out again. Several are out of date or otherwise not helpful, and some are even questionable. The book list, however, seems promising. I will be looking into a few of those. Thank you.

  5. admin Says:

    may want to check those work at home links. many are dead links. the one for look like scams to me. when I see “stuff envelopes” or “repair your credit” a red flag goes up. AS a dave ramsey fan, I know both of these are overused scams.

  6. brooriwag Says:

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  8. Elden Says:

    Excellent blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!

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    What’s up, everyhthing is going fine here and ofcourse everry one is sharing facts, that’s really fine, keep up writing.

  11. Steve Forbis Says:

    I was looking for the internet salary sites that you referenced on page 156 in 48 Days and could not find them.

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