I “hope” this helps

We’ve all been hearing a lot about the word “hope” recently.  Some people think it’s an unrealistic approach to the realities of what’s happening.  I agree that hope without a plan is empty.  I was discussing this with one of my pastor friends and he stated that he thought it was cruel to suggest “hope” to someone without offering a plan of action. 

  • What does having “hope” really mean? The dictionary defines “hope” as “looking forward with reasonable confidence.”  And how do we get confidence – by having a clear plan of action.
  • What is our strongest resource in tough times? My Wednesday morning guys said that “to suffer alone is the worst kind of fate.”  But it’s too late to begin reaching out when you’re going under.
  • What can you offer to others who are struggling? Make sure that you are the kind of friend now that you want others to be to you when you’re going through your own tough times.

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5 Responses to “I “hope” this helps”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    Very true Dan. We just stared a series entitled “Hope Now” at my church and this post was very helpful. We want to give people a plan to discover authentic hope.

    Hope is only a virtue, it’s only an admirable quality, if it’s directed toward good. This is what’s so tricky about hope.

    For instance justice is already a true virtue with a clear tending toward good. When justice ceases to be directed toward good, it ceases to be justice. Love is the same way. When love ceases to be loving it’s no longer love. In that moment it ceases to be love and becomes something else.

    Hope, on the other hand is kind of tricky. Hope can be directed toward what is objectively bad and yet remain hopeful.

    St Augustine said “There are two things that kill the soul: despair and false hope.”

  2. Stan Sellers Says:

    Recently, hoping to be entertained, I watched the A&E movie, In The Name Of Honour(or something like that) It was about Benedict Arnold. Not to give away the ending but, he has a duel fight in the end and both guys miss. The duel fight’s kind of funny because the other guy just walks away and Bennie stands there with his honour and can’t drum up any hatred from his opponent. It reminded me of Jesus and Peter on the water out of the boat. Jesus was there for all the right reasons. Benedict Arnold was in the fight for his pride. Peter was smart enough to look at Christ in the middle of the storm. That’s not a small distraction for me (the storm),however, I hope I’m smart enough to stick to His plan and adjust my goals to His still small voice amidst the noise.

  3. David Says:


    Hope used to be such a wonderful word. Now, it has been abused and it means nothing.

    But, still, I can instill a sense of meaning in those around me in my workplace. i can inspire them to greater things. I can give them a promise of a bright future. That’s hope and i want to live it out in my every day life.


  4. lynda Says:

    Question the blog regarding being “it is too late” when one is going under. I am HOPING this is a misprint. Of the comment regarding Peter, Jesus kept him from going under even when Peter lost sight of his “hope”.

  5. Stan Sellers Says:

    “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”- old hymn.

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