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Think you can or think you can’t

March 16, 2009

As a career coach I’m being contacted by lots of other career coaches right now wondering what to do.  The common theme seems to be that with things so tight right now no one is going to spend money on a non-necessity like “coaching.”  Please help me understand this – there were 509,000 job losses in the last quarter of last year, 589,000 more in the month of January and over 600,000 in February.  How could it possibly be a better time to be in the business of career coaching than right at this very minute?

But what we see is a mindset that pops up regardless of the circumstances.  When the economy swings back around and everyone is happy and employed again, those same coaches will be saying that everyone’s happy now and nobody needs our help.  Coaches who recognize the opportunity now will also be thrilled when people know they’re in the driver’s seat and still want to explore better options.

Remember the old Henry Ford adage:  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t; either way you’re right.”

“Thank and Grow Rich”

November 26, 2008

Remember the classic little book, Think and Grow Rich?  I was reading an ezine today in which Rebecca Fine used this subtle twist on that title — Thank and Grow Rich.  Isn’t that a great thought?  Do you think you really could “thank” your way to growing rich?

It seems our ability to express gratitude is much like a muscle.  The more we use and exercise it, the easier it becomes – and the more we find ourselves just naturally sharing gratitude.  Try it out for a week or two.  Show sincere appreciation to everyone who comes in your path.  The waitress who re-fills your water glass, the mailman who brings a package to your door, the dry-cleaning attendant who hands you your shirts, and the speaker who just inspired you with her message.  And yes, we know that expressed gratitude does tend to return to us, multiplied.

Exercise your gratitude muscle – and lets all get a little “richer” in 09.

Think You Can?

July 26, 2008

This week in an interview the host asked me what were the three things I wanted listeners to remember.  This is what I gave her:

1. Expect Change.  The workplace is going to remain volatile and unpredictable.  Our only choice is to decide how we will respond.  If you make those decisions in advance you will reduce the uncertainty and vulnerability.

2.  Look inward for your best ideas and solutions.  85% of the process of having confidence about your career direction comes from looking inward first.  Define your unique skills and abilities – then 15% of the process is the application.

3.  You are not in a “recession” unless you think you are.  The old Henry Ford adage is true – “Whether you think you can or think you can’t; either way you’re right.