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Nashville loses trusted voice of Dan Miller

April 10, 2009

No – I’m doing just fine – really.  Yesterday morning’s Tennessean headlined the news that our 30-year NBC affiliate news anchor here in Nashville had died of a heart attack.  And he just happened to have the same name as I do.  Today’s paper has the headline:  Nashville loses trusted voice of Dan Miller.  That Dan was a very trusted and respected personality here in Nashville. 

I must admit I have read through all the kind things being said about Dan Miller.  Don’t we all wonder what will be said about us when we’re gone?  In Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey says we all want to:  Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy.  I trust that I am doing each of those well.

What would people be saying about you if yesterday you had a heart attack and died unexpectedly?  How would those closest to you remember their last encounter?  How would your boss or employees be describing you?  How would the waitress who forgot to leave the onions off your hamburger remember you?  What about that mechanic who tried but failed to fix the rattle in your car? 

We don’t create a “legacy” by planning the last year of our lives.  No, we are creating our “legacy” right now – every day, by every single act we do, every word we say, and every thought we allow to grow in our minds.  Put your own name in the headline above and imagine how you would be remembered today.