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Are you “Fully Alive?”

April 19, 2008

Well it’s official – Mondays barely make the cut as productive days.  In a recent survey conducted by staffing firm Accountemps, 57% of executives said Tuesday was the most productive day of the week.  Only 12% ranked Monday as the most productive.  Of course Friday tailed off with a 3% ranking. 

When I chose the title No More Mondays I wasn’t trying to erase Mondays – only the negative stigma we’ve allowed to build around that day.  I want you to love Mondays as much as Fridays.  Oh yeah – that’s what having fulfilling work can do.  If the thought of Monday still makes your blood pressure rise or stomach turn – keep looking and planning.  Don’t settle for less than meaningful work.

2nd century disciple St. Irenaeus said “The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive.”  If the 40-50 hours a week you spend in your work is a boring and unfulfilling time, you are not “fully alive.”