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Over 50 and re-inventing myself

May 26, 2008

As you know I recently asked for stories for a Good Morning America segment on being over 50 and having to re-invent oneself. I am still scanning through the massive number of stories I’ve received – but they definitely fall into three major categories.1. Here’s an example of the first category – Not sure what to do.

Dan…….sorry, but I am not one of the fortunate ones who have successfully figured out how to re-invent themselves after turning 50…, I’m one of those who needs to hear the success stories and try to understand the blueprint of how to get it done….I know it CAN be done… wife is going to Nursing School at age 52, so I know its “do-able”……just have never been able to figure it out for myself…….I’m very frustrated and tempted to simply give up……to quit dreaming and accept my plight……can you help me, please??

2. Here’s an example of the second category – The company, government, church or spouse dumped me – what do I do now?

After 33 years, my husband is leaving me and I will be starting over from scratch. At 52 and never being in the work force, the thought of starting a career is very scary and intimidating. Some inspirational stories and advice from others who have gone through it will be a lot of help to me and many others in my situation. Thanks for all you do.

3. And here are just a couple of the many examples from the third category – It really can be done.

I’m 62, and I have just become a certified doula. I have been a technical writer and editor for an environmental engineering firm for the past 15 years. I’ve also worked as a certified administrative professional and secretary. As I began to prepare for retirement, I asked myself, “What would I do, even if I didn’t get paid?” I knew immediately that I would assist women with childbirth. Since becoming certified as a doula, I have been receiving requests every week. Blessings in all your endeavors!

And another –

Dan, I am 57 and I worked 31 years in television advertising sales at one CBS Affiliate in South Bend Indiana. I was working 70 to 90 hours a week. I was also elected chairman of the CBS Sales Advisory Council. A year ago I left my job of being sales manager which I did for the past 20 years. A few months ago, I opened my new restaurant, Cafelicious in Plymouth Indiana. My doctor couldn’t believe how much my blood pressure went down. (25 points diastolic and 25 points systolic) I spend much more time with my kids and relish everyday. I recently coached my son’s soccer team to a league championship. I have enjoyed reading your emails and books.
Best regards,

I trust that hearing stories from those who have successfully re-invented themselves provides hope and inspiration for all of you who are needing a fresh, new direction.  If you need some direction for a fresh start, join me this Thursday evening for a $1 teleclass on Cure for the Common Cubicle.