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Don’t read Dan’s books

November 26, 2009

A reader just commented on the search for finding his passion.  He says, “This has become so frustrating that I wish I had never read Dan’s books….how can he say ‘that even a 10 year old knows what they are passionate about’ when I have absolutely NO CLUE!! Apparently God doesn’t want me to know either because that prayer hasn’t been answered yet.”

Unfortunately we often make God our Santa Claus rather then our Creator. If we keep looking for candy canes to be dropped in our stocking I’m quite sure we’ll be disappointed. If we recognize we are “children of the King” we will see our gifts and put them to use.  I don’t want to heap guilt or anguish on anyone still struggling to find their gifts and passion.  But if we are looking outwardly for that insight we will be disappointed or misdirected.  Look at what God has already revealed to you – in trusting your sense of peace and joy as you recognize what you enjoy.  God is not holding anything back – don’t put Him in the position of having to make pigs fly to get your attention.