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Will you pay for a “free” book?

July 20, 2009

In a controversial new book — FREE, Chris Anderson (editor Wired Magazine) says that natural forces are pushing us toward making all intellectual content free to the consumer.  Wow – what does that mean for newspapers, magazines, websites, authors and musicians.  He says that musicians better get used to having people download their songs for free – yes, they will continue to make money, but it will be from live events and merchandise – not the songs themselves.  For authors it will be the same thing – give away the content and make money with events and merchandise. 

Now what would you expect the price to be on his book – Free?  Well, yes it is free – kinda. 


I’ve created a link where you can find the entire book – absolutely free.  Just open and read.  And if you are currently marketing intellectual content in any way, you need to read this book.  Here’s your link:  Free book

If you prefer the audio, here’s a link for the free audio:   Free audio  At least listen to the sample clip under the book graphic.  It will give you a great overview of the book’s contents. 

But here’s the irony.  While the book is titled Free and is readily available in either print or audio format, it is also available from Amazon as a traditional hardcover book.  Free on Amazon It sells for a pricey $26.99 and is currently at #191, which means thousands of them are selling. 

Does it surprise you that a book can be “free” and still be selling briskly at $26.99.  Welcome to the new world of marketing, where everything is changing and some things seem counterintuitive.  If you are a musician, author, journalist, pastor or teacher, you need to recognize the changing world of “selling.”  There is a new term that captures where business is going – “conversational marketing.” 

There’s even a website called   How are you prepared to generate income if what you are providing is expected for free?