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That Was My Idea!

February 11, 2008

I love seeing innovative ideas come to life.  I like watching Donnie Deutsch’s The Big Idea where he interviews people like friends Julie and Mindee with their new product Boogie Wipes.  A simple idea with a clear business plan. 

Then I see kids working on biomedical ideas to come up with winning products like a recent team from Johns Hopkins University.  They developed the Ratavirus Vaccination.  This dry form vaccine will eliminate problems associated with refrigerating and distributing liquid form vaccines in less-developed countries.  The 2007 second place submission, entitled enLight: Enabling Life with Light, was developed by students at Stanford University. This novel treatment for Parkinson’s Disease enables the effective and reliable control of neural activity using light. The device combines gene delivery of a light-sensitive ion channel with an implantable optical stimulator to directly and specifically control the neurons affected by Parkinson’s.

Whoa – when I was their age I was proud of using a clothespin to hold a piece of cardboard against the spokes on my bicycle – made a really cool sound.   The point is – there is a place for moving ahead with your idea – whether it’s a biomedical marvel or a better bicycle spoke noise maker.  Too often I hear people say, “I wish there was a better _______.”  Then two years later they see the very item and say, “Well I thought of that way back when.”  Just be aware that ideas are a dime a dozen.  Having a great idea puts no money in your pocket.  Thinking about an idea or visualizing a novel or improved product is a great mental exercise but doesn nothing to help others or improve your bank account.  But the person that creates a plan of action – and ACTS – now that person can end up very rich!

 Browse around on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site to see if something similar is already in existence.   Need more help on developing your idea?  Check out my blog page on Inventions, Patents & Trademarks.