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What if you worked for Hillary?

June 5, 2008

I am hearing from politicians around the country.  Yes, I literally got a call from the White House yesterday.  Think about it for a minute.  What if you put all your efforts into working for a politician who is suddenly no longer a contender?  What is your next career move supposed to be?  As the presidential field shrinks more and more people are having to ask themselves that question.  It seems to be somewhat like an athlete who realizes they are no longer a contender.  What do you do after you have been in the limelight and now are a “has-been?”

Even those currently in the White House know the clock is ticking.  If John McCain is elected he will bring along those to whom favors are owed.  Those presently in positions will be put out to find new opportunities.  January 20th is looming.

What does someone who has put heart and soul into getting an individual elected do when that fades from reality?  Transitions to new organizations appear easy for truck drivers, IT professionals, graphic designers, teachers, accountants or CEOs.  But former politicians tend to experience dramatic drops in their careers.  Anyone remember John Kerry or Walter Mondale?

My advice – be prepared at any given time to describe your strongest transferable “areas of competence.”  Know what contributions you can make to organizations beyond your current “industry.”