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What would you name this Eagle?

April 26, 2010

Yep, name this Eagle and win a prize package.  A few weeks ago I realized that the massive cedar tree closest to my barn office was not turning green and was clearly “dead.”   My landscape advisor confirmed that while we have no idea what happened, it was definitely never going to turn green and thrive again.  I was blown away at the loss of this stately feature here on our property.

But how often does the “death” of one thing give birth to another?  Have you ever had a dream die only to discover that in redirecting your thinking and efforts you released something even better?  I have walked with people through the death of many jobs and businesses where together we have uncovered new opportunities that would have never been seen if the old position would have continued.

I love the challenge of turning trash, disappointment or disaster into something great.  The result is often surprising and the beginning of a new season in life.

I had contacted Terry Brasher ( to come out and put her unique artistic skills in motion.  She agreed with me that there was an eagle just waiting to be released in this old “dead” stump.  What you see here is the result of three days of her amazing talent using chain saws and chisels.  The color you see is 100% natural – nothing added.  The wings were the first two lowest branches on the tree.  The stones the eagle is resting on were another set of protruding branches.  The “dead” tree is now a beautiful addition to our country Sanctuary.

This is such a spectacular feature and representation of a valuable life process that I want a name for this Eagle.  You may have a word that somehow captures the symbolism of the transition from death to life – or of birthing something wonderful.  Or something that reminds us of the majestic qualities of the eagle.  You may know Latin or Italian or some other language that has an appropriate name for what we’ve always used as part of the 48Days logo.  Just use your imagination and creativity.

Here are my prize packages:

  • 1st place – $50 credit toward any 48 Days product, $100 discount on any 48 Days event this year, lunch with Dan & Joanne (you have to get here) and a personal tour of the Eagle
  • 4th place — Autographed copies of 48 Days and No More Dreaded Mondays
  • 5th place — Autographed copies of 48 Days and No More Dreaded Mondays

I claim no objectivity for this process.  I will simply choose what strikes me as unique and meaningful.  If the same selections are suggested, we will go with the earliest submission.  Send your suggestion to  Last date for submissions – May 10th.  I’ll announce the winning suggestions in the May 18th newsletter.

Incidentally I’m standing beside the tree simply to give you a perspective on the size of this carving.  And yes, people have already made reference to the “bald eagle” next to the tree so you can skip that.

So let your creativity begin: Send your suggestion to