Pizza Man – Fear Controls my Life

Recently we had a Coaching with Excellence event here in Franklin, TN.  On the closing night it seemed no one wanted to leave – so we ordered pizza to be delivered.

When the order arrived I slipped out to the kitchen to thank the delivery man.  He tentatively asked, “Isn’t this the Sanctuary?”  He proceeded to tell me that he’s been a reader of my 48Days materials for years, knows all about the Sanctuary, but then added, “Fear controls my life.”

Sometimes it appears that fear of success is stronger than fear of failure.   The unknown is a scary place – staying with a familiar mediocrity may be less intimidating than trying something new.  With no clear goals and no cheering from those around you, boring but predictable careers are born and maintained.

Delivering pizzas is a worthy occupation.  But I really expect that most 46-yr-old-men see it as a stepping stone to something else.  Don’t let fear keep you in a red shirt.

Is your desire for your dream stronger than your fear?

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

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10 Responses to “Pizza Man – Fear Controls my Life”

  1. Josh Says:

    Fear bothers me every day, I am just good at forcing myself into situations that I have to get out of where the fear does not matter. Like jumping into a hole and fighting my way back out.

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO

  2. therealmotherlode Says:

    Holy crow, Dan….this has been a repeating theme for me these past several days…

    Our response to fear is going to determine how we live our lives. Literally.

    Thanks once again….

  3. Gina Says:

    The unknown can be a scary place, but knowing where you’ve been and where you don’t want to go again can help make the unknown a little more appealing. My biggest fears are ending up working in a cubicle as I once did and not using God’s gifts to glorify him; those fears motivate me. I like to remember one quote that I heard although I’m not sure who said it, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

  4. Tim West Says:

    The only thing that drives us more than fear is our destiny.

  5. Devin Says:

    Very fitting scripture Dan. I’m finding that the more I step out into the unknown, the more it becomes a habit. It’s really necessary for success.

    Potential clients can tell when you’re fearful and so can competitors. Running a powerful business takes risk but can also provide such a reward. My goal is to take one fearless step each day. So far so good.

  6. Joanne Miller Says:

    It’s really too bad that we can’t have the insight when we are young that we have when we have reached the later seasons of our life. After living through losing a home, cars, etc…….and a lot of other crises in our lives, I have learned what is truly important……and it sure isn’t the stuff we own or the jobs we have or the places we go. There are so many more important things and yet our fears usually center around the loss of stuff and position. Good post!

  7. Bibledebt Says:

    It is so comfortable to continue doing what you have always done. It is also hard to go find more cheese when your plate is full of cheese as long as you don’t knock it over. Thank you for continuing to motivate us to stretch ourselves. Maybe someday I will let the corporate comfort go and pursue my dreams. It sure does get harder when you have a family. But don’t give up on that dream!

  8. Nicole Says:

    I see this every day. People settle for mediocrity out of fear of the unknown. I have a friend who was handed on a silver plate a higher-paying job where she could work at home but she turned it down because she feared leaving her comfort zone. Another good friend has all but given up on her dreams. They both say the same thing, “It’s not my dream job but…” I’m so tired of it. I’m afraid to leave the corporate world as well mostly because I have a child who needs the good insurance that we have and I am the sole supporter of us both. Still, as Bibledebt said, I’m not giving up on the dream!

  9. hartsoffice Says:

    It is funny to me that every so often I am overcome with fear of being mediorce. It is all the little things that attack when I try yo work longer, harder or faster. The family gets neglected and the dishes don’t get done and the vehicles fill up with garbage and so on, thanks to Jon Acuffs book I am figuring out how to manage all that better.

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