Failing at Work?

Gandhi’s family sacrificed everything they had to send him to law school.  Gandhi graduated and passed the bar, but unfortunately, he was so shy that whenever he stood up in court all he could do was stammer.  He lost every one of his cases – a total failure as a courtroom attorney.  Then he went off to South Africa, where he found his passion and his voice by challenging racial and social injustice – and brought England to its knees.

In a note to our family the week before he left on his first trip to Rwanda four years ago, my son Jared said this: I am a bit intimidated by the magnitude of this project, and the possibility of it affecting so many lives, but I’m equally excited and I know I have the passion and determination to see it through, even if I am shaking in my boots. My passion for these people always exceeds my fears of inadequacy. In realizing that, I regain the confidence I need. (see )

Now there’s a key for overcoming the fears of inadequacy. My passion exceeds my fears. Staying true to your calling will release a passion for what you are doing; that will in turn override your fears of inadequacy.

Work at what you love. You’ll never work more willingly, passionately, and fearlessly than when you work in line with your passion—where your life will speak. The extra boost of enthusiasm and energy generated by a clear passion will propel you to a level of success unattainable with any other motivation. If fear is crippling or limiting you, perhaps you are trying to do work that is not your passion. Working with raw ability alone is ultimately not enough to keep you going.

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3 Responses to “Failing at Work?”

  1. therealmotherlode Says:

    Gosh Dan, I JUST finished a writing an article on a topic very similar to this. I had a friend ask me about how she could help another friend “Suffering” with ADHD.

    Why is it that some “suffer” from ADHD while others with ADHD become brilliant entrepreneurs, explorers, movers and shakers?

    It think it’s exactly what you write about here…people are connected with who they are and their passions and they embrace it.

    And the world becomes a better place. 🙂

  2. Joe Says:

    Love this post………just wish I could discover that passionate thing and discover the same drive….

  3. Jason Says:

    Hi Dan,

    I love your work. I’m an avid listener to your podcast. I believe Gandhi was in India, not in South Africa.

    All the best,
    Jason from Philadelphia

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