“All Beginnings Are Hopeful!”

 “All beginnings are hopeful” is actually a quote from the president of Oxford University, spoken to the entering freshman in 1944, in the midst of a world war.  This is a concept that we have seen confirmed throughout history.  In working with people going through change, I am often struck by the discouragement, frustration, and frequent anger and resentment.  I have come to recognize however, that those feelings always tell me that the person is looking backward, at something that has already occurred.  As soon as we are able to create a clear plan for the future, those feelings quickly begin to dissipate and are replaced by hope, optimism and enthusiasm.  In all my years of life coaching, I have never seen a person who has clear plans and goals who is also depressed.  They just don’t go together.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.  — Plato (427 BC – 347 BC), The Republic

Viktor Frankl, in his wonderful little book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”, relates his observations of people in the German concentration camps.  Age, health, education or ability could not predict those who survived the atrocities there.  No, rather it was only those who believed that there was something better coming tomorrow who were able to survive and ultimately walk away from those camps.

Feeling discouraged?  Miserable in your job?  Just lost your business?  Give yourself a new beginning tomorrow!  “All beginnings are hopeful.”

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5 Responses to ““All Beginnings Are Hopeful!””

  1. Jason Garey Says:

    Excellent post, Dan. Thank you for continuing to inspire and lead us. God tells us in His word that refinement comes by fire. Ain’t it the truth. God bless. Jason

  2. Drew Says:

    It’s amazing to me that ONE week ago I was discouraged, almost depressed, and hating my job. With the dawn of a new year, what has changed in my situation? Nothing, except my own attitude! I am looking FORWARD to a new year – planning and setting goals, looking for ways to improve and change and grow. I got out my copy of “48 Days” and looked up the bit about the 7 life areas in the wheel and set some goals and wrote them down – great stuff! One of the best things about a new year is all the hope that it brings!
    Do Good, Be Great

  3. Andy Traub Says:

    “In all my years of life coaching, I have never seen a person who has clear plans and goals who is also depressed. They just don’t go together.”

    So true brother. Never has this been more real than 2010 for me. I am making plans and I am SO optimistic about my future. My father was fired from his job at age 60 and I promised my future would never look the same.

    My future is looking very bright. A huge part of that is your influence Dan. Have a great 2010.

  4. Drew Hawbs Says:

    Absolutely Agree! I could not be more excited about my new beginning and so many great things to look forward to.

  5. Joe Says:

    Hey! Just lost a job last month. A job I had for 18 years……..I feel as though I lost a part of me because I ran the division I was responsible for as if it was my own. Now I am on the out side watching others reap the rewards of 18 years of hard work.
    Yes, a new beginning but figuring out how to begin and in what direction is a challenge especially when bills start to pile……..

    2010 a new beginning ……..thanks for the insights they are making me think hard……….

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