Half the size – twice the price

On Thanksgiving weekend Joanne and I traveled up to the Amish country in Ohio to visit my dad in his retirement home.  As always, I am amazed at the micro enterprises that cover the back roads of this farming area where I was raised.  At one shop, where I bought some fresh unpastuerized apple cider, we saw a pile of miniature straw bales, about half the size of regular bales.  My brother told me a local Amishman had rebuilt a hay baler to produce the tiny, decorative bales.  While regular sized bales sell for about $2.00, these half sized ones sell for $4.00.  That’s the power of a unique idea. 


We also visited the local winery featuring Amish Country Wine.  And we stopped in at Homestead Furniture where we’ve had a couple of beautiful custom pieces designed and made for our home.  There is certainly some amusing irony in the Amish being winemakers and having the latest laser technology.   But the point is they are great about finding unique ideas and building a successful business around them.

If you have an idea, you’ve got to have a well thought out business plan.  The importance of a comprehensive, thoughtful business plan cannot be overemphasized.  Much hinges on it: credit from suppliers, management of your operation and finances, promotion and marketing of your business, and achievement of your goals and objectives.

Here’s a free Business Planning Guide – you will see examples and questions to help you develop your idea.  You’ll also see information relative to taxes, insurance and legal issues.  I love to see simple ideas produce unusual success –

If you have an idea you want to turn into income this next year you may want to check out the growing group of 48Days.net Members who are sharing ideas and growing their businesses. There’s no cost to be involved and you can tap into the best braintrust I know of anywhere. 

Now, tell us about your unique business idea – that may defy logic.

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4 Responses to “Half the size – twice the price”

  1. A Better Package | Turning the Wheel Says:

    […] read a post over at Dan Miller’s 48 Days Blog where Dan described an Amish man in Ohio who rebuilt a hay bailer to make it produce smaller bails. […]

  2. Bruce Stambaugh Says:


    Thanks for the reference and link to Homestead Furniture.

  3. Richard Says:

    Good point Dan
    My sales team had been dealing with a potential client for 1,000 of a very specific promotional gift. They had had to do quite a bit of work just to get the job to quote stage, and had pointed out, right from the start, the likely ‘cost’ of the item.
    Just a few days ago, the client sent an email, all excited, saying he’d like to go ahead, but how could we bring the job in for half the price?

    I couldn’t believe what the team suggested……

    Order just 500, and its almost half the cost!!!!
    Not sure if that’s the best response, but I do agree with the sentiment. Time will tell if we win the job or not!!

  4. Tuesday Amish links | Amish America Says:

    […] Days to the Work You Love author Dan Miller makes an interesting observation on hay bales and Amish innovation on a trip to Holmes County, […]

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