Faster and Cheaper – Good News or Bad?

About six months ago we started looking at the possibility of a 48 Days iPhone app.  At that time we were told it would be a $20-30,000 process of development.  While we were in discussions we had a couple other companies tell us that because they were doing similar applications they could do our project for $8-10,000.  Yesterday our social media consultant pointed us to a website called Mobile Roadie where for $499 we can build our own app and be ready to go. 

So are the changes described here good news or bad news?  For me as a user, it’s great news.  If you are a technology guy who based his business model on developing $30,000 applications, it’s bad news.  If you are a musician who wants to build a fan base for your latest album it’s great news.  If you’re a record label with a four-story building and 80 employees it’s probably bad news.  If you are an author it’s amazingly good news.  You can go right to your audience without waiting to get your book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble.  If you are a traditional publishing house these changes just wiped out your big company advantage. 

Change always presents the good news – bad news options.  If you see change as threatening, you will likely see the bad news.  If you believe progress always requires change, you will likely see the good news.  If you can build your business in a way that embraces change, you will recognize ways to take advantage of change rather than feeling victimized by it.  And it doesn’t matter if you are mowing yards, filling teeth, preaching sermons, writing books or building houses.

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3 Responses to “Faster and Cheaper – Good News or Bad?”

  1. Arthur Says:

    20K for an iphone app? yikes! That is crazy.

  2. Matt Says:

    Be careful if you are not familiar with software development. I’ve done web development freelancing on and off for the last year and I’ve been contacted by numerous businesses that were looking for other developers because they went with the cheap option.

    With the $499 option here, you will get an iPhone app for yourself but if you want anything outside of their template, you can forget about it. It’s fine if that’s all you need but beware that there are limitations.

    If you want special features and have a detailed plan of how your app should look then you should probably go with the median priced option. You’ll end up paying at least that in the long-run if you try to buy the cheap solution and customize it.

  3. Tod Shuttleworth Says:

    Dan –

    I agree 100%, and I am that traditional publisher. We see folks in the publishing business resist what is the inevitable. So many don’t want to embrace change, even if not doing so can lead to their demise. Gotta turn those perceived lemons into lemonade.


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