Beautiful Mess

I just read the book titled Beautiful Mess.  You might recognize the singers of the song by that name – and the authors of this book – Diamond Rio.  In just hearing I Believe, Meet Me in the Middle or One More Day it’s easy to assume the group enjoying the fruits of their success.  And we tend to think that “success” brings trouble-free lives, complete with meaningful work, easy financial rewards and fulfilling relationships.  Beautiful Mess reminds us that what we as observers see as “success” comes with all the usual challenges of life. 

The group members share their physical, emotional and spiritual hardships and the pain of mistakes that cannot be corrected.  They also remind us that fame and fortune are typically preceded by persistence and hard work that ultimately open the door to the “lucky breaks” seen by others. 

If you love country music you’ll enjoy this behind the scenes look at this repeated CMA winner of the Vocal Group of the Year.

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