Read a good vook lately?

No, that’s not a misspelling.  It’s just a description of a new combination of book and video.  How would you like to read one of your favorite books but find it interspersed with frequent video clips to help bring the story to life?  Obviously, it’s a natural integration and now technology has made it quite easy to do. 

My son Jared and I are writing a book on the differing generational approaches to work.  Do you think a traditional 240-page tradebook is the best format to reach the 25-35 yr-old audience?  What about a vook that provides the concepts of new work models, combined with video that shows his work with the women they are bringing out of poverty in Rwanda?  And rather than just a word description, how would you like to see a one-minute video of the lady carving two large faces on the sides of a tree in my yard; providing a real example of the non-traditional work options available today.  Rather than having a clunky book to lug around in your backpack you can pull the vook up on your computer screen or simply download it to your iPhone.  And instead of $24.95, how about paying $6.99 for regular download or $4.99 for the iPhone version?

And here’s another indication of change.  Knowing people’s increasingly short attention span, iMinds has launched a series of eight-minute audiobooks that offer compact overviews of general knowledge subjects ranging from a history of whale hunting to creationism.  For $0.99 you can choose the MindTrack that appeals to you. 

Dan & Jared #13

What is it in your world that needs a serious update?  What process or product are you still trying to use or sell that simply needs to be discarded?   Have you developed or at least imagined a newer, better way to serve the same purpose?  How could your work be done quicker and more efficiently? 

The U.S. automobile industry waited too long to make the necessary changes.  The music industry is reeling from the changes demanded by their consumers.  The publishing world is being torn apart by readers sharing digital content as opposed to buying a heavy, eco-negative book.  Universities are struggling to maintain fancy campuses as students prefer simple distance learning. 

Not all change is progress – but all progress requires change. 

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10 Responses to “Read a good vook lately?”

  1. Matthew S Says:

    Very interesting. I had not heard of vooks yet and I like to think of myself as well-informed. I’d be willing to give a vook a spin.

  2. davidbmc Says:

    speaking of the auto industry and changes…i was reading in fortune last night about the zipcar. Car sharing. New concept catching on. No this is not an advertisement. I just thought it fit with your post.


  3. Andy Traub Says:

    Dan, first, nice picture. I’ve never seen you in a picture where you’re not smiling. Second, I’m all for the vook. I’m 31 and I’d much rather ingest a vook than a book. Lastly, are you sure that’s your son? That guy’s pretty big!

  4. Theresa Says:

    Love, love, LOVE the pic of you and Jared!

  5. Kristen Says:

    The vook is a very novel idea – kudos to the person who thought it up! I’m 30, and though I like to have a book physically in front of me, I do like the idea of the extras you can get using a vook. I hope these are more prominent when I begin homeschooling!

  6. Drew Says:

    I have been experimenting with Adobe Air and Camtasia to make the best use of technology for Camps and youth programs. The first example I saw of a well done combination of video, text, and music was (Red)wire and it uses an Adobe Air format.

  7. Susanne Ballard Says:

    Love the concept of the vook, as well as, the content you and Jared are going to put into one. The picture takes the cake though. It clearly shows the generational contrasts you’re trying to get across. Then you delve into the vook and your content will show how very different people on the outside cause all those differences to melt away when you open them up and get to the heart of what drives them on the inside. We need more content out there that merges worlds, while simultaneously expanding them individually.
    Look forward to reading/watching/listening to this one!

  8. Cheri Says:

    The fact that the picture of you and your son illlustrates your point so well actually adds credibility to your point! Love it.

    I’m agreeing with much of what you say – but only to a point. 🙂
    I’m a book lover and I know many other book lovers. There’s something awesome about the written page. It is awe-inspiring that by looking at tiny scratches on a page, we can conjure up images in our mind, imagine smells and tastes, and feel emotions. We can read about a yawn and end up yawning ourselves – just by ‘reading’ little black marks on a page. Powerful!
    But here are two practical examples:
    I have a friend who is listening to an audiobook right now. She loves the convenience, especially of multi-tasking, like listening while driving. But she’s now planning to buy the book. She wants to reread it so she can mark it and keep it for easy reference.
    The church office where I work utilizes an annual yearbook of information (stats, contact info, etc). The last several years it has been available on CD. We ordered one the first year and found it to be very cumbersome. It was not at all practical to use. It is much easier to flip through an actual book to quickly locate the needed information.

    I think the quote at the end of your article is excellent: “Not all change is progress – but all progress requires change.”
    Keep up the good work!

  9. karen Says:

    I drive a bus with special children. Short attention span and challenging behaviors. How wonderful to implement their ride to school with positve, educating audiotapes!! The bus company mentioned an idea similar but I would see such a postive impact for our future with these tools.

  10. Patrick Says:

    I love the idea of the vook. I’m doing the training for my company and am beginning to think through how best to archive our training materials. The vook might be a possible direction. Thanks! Great picture!

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