Who’s Got Your Back?

Last Thursday my daughter Ashley and I drove down to Atlanta to attend author Keith Ferrazzi’s presentation on his newest book – Who’s Got Your Back?  Keith talked about the critical importance of having 3 deep personal relationships. 

The University of Phoenix has discovered that if someone has a study buddy they are three times more likely to complete their program compared to someone trying to do it alone.

Bishop T.D. Jakes  says that we all need someone to weep with us when we weep and to rejoice with us when we rejoice.  He says you can’t be a David until you find your Jonathan.

As a young eager learner I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  In that old classic the author made it clear that we all need a MasterMind Group – a practice that I continue today with my Wednesday morning Eagles Group. 

On Thursday night Keith told us that if you have 3 trusting relationships you are set up to experience a disproportionate level of success.  In the research for the book they found that roughly 50% of Americans could not identify one person who has their back. 

If you’re struggling, perhaps the next step in releasing your success is not another degree, a guaranteed salary, a bank loan, a secure patent or a winning lottery ticket – but rather a friend you can confide in.  How do you find a friend?  Be the friend everyone is looking for. 


In a recent newsletter I listed the tips for How to Win Friends — and Jobs  

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