Read and Succeed

If there is one thing to which I could attribute any success I’ve had it would have to be the reading I have done.  I never tire of absorbing the wisdom of the ages that is so readily available.  And I have become more and more aware of how little reading of great books and listening to great messages people who continue to struggle have typically done.  Every week I talk to people who see no opportunities and struggle in many areas of their lives. When I ask the titles of the last six books they’ve read, they often look at me with a blank stare. 

The wealth of information readily available is astounding.  You can become an “expert” in nearly any area in 30 days if you simply read 3 books on that topic.  You’ll bypass 98% of the population in knowledge on that particular topic.

I just received a link to the first three chapters of my friend Mark Victor Hansen’s newest book – Cash in a Flash.  Mark is a gentle and generous spirit who shares readily about the mind set and actions that lead to success.  In Cash in a Flash he provides a formula for success:

Success = a focused mind + a determined heart + a team of focused, determined people

Even if you are a solopreneur you can still have a team of people around you.  Create your own mastermind group, Eagles Club or whatever you want to call it.  Don’t miss the power of like minds. 

Here are the first three chapters of Cash in a Flash

And if you want my personal recommended reading list, here it is:  Dan’s Reading List

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3 Responses to “Read and Succeed”

  1. David Durham Says:

    Thanks, Dan! I have to confess that I often have to MAKE myself read — maybe it’s because of my AAADD (Age-activated ADD)! But I am CONVINCED this discipline is a key to growth in every area of life — so I keep reading, and look forward to these chapters you’ve sent.

  2. Bill Says:

    Dan, I to have struggled with forcing myself to read. After a long day of work sometimes reading seems like a chore. Funny thing is that I usually end up really enjoying what I have read and it often has an action that I can put into place right away. I can quickly see the benefit. It is just a matter of breaking a bad habit. Thanks for the chapters. Don’t tell Mark but I will see if my library has a copy. In 90 days I’ll buy my own!

  3. Vill du bli rik? Läs en bok - Successivt Says:

    […] Uppdaterat: Dan Miller skrev mer om detta i sin blogg häromdagen: […]

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