Please give me my $.97 back

We just had someone email that he wanted a refund on the only purchase he ever made from 48Days.  That was a teleseminar from over a year ago where the cost was $.97 – that’s right – ninety seven cents.  He maintained that he was serious – even though he also stated that the teleseminar was very helpful. 

I cringe at the thought of this transaction.  Trust me, we gave him his $.97 back – even though there was no physical product; he just listened in on a phone line.  But I cringe that this poor guy could find no more productive way to invest his time.  It just portrays a mindset that is not likely to see the big picture.  I also cringe that he was exposed to even one segment of our resources and walked away with no more creativity than that.  Don’t they give you $20 for a vial of blood down at the plasma bank? 

I know times are tough for a lot of people – but please expect the challenges to increase your ability to “see” opportunities – not diminish them. 

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10 Responses to “Please give me my $.97 back”

  1. Philip North Says:


    That is really stupid. But kudos to you for sending this guys $.97 back to him.

    I just bought No More Mondays and I love it. It spoke right to my heart and helped be man up and take control of my future. I’ve been contemplating what the real difference is between a man and a boy.

    Little boys blame everyone around them for their situation. Men work with what they have and make it into something great.

    Little boys sulk and mope when they get laid off. Men do whatever it takes to put food on the table for their kids even if it’s delivering pizzas while starting thier own business.

    Little boys wait arround for the government handouts, Men step up, pay their taxes and work hard until success is born.

    I’m striving to be a MAN rather then a little boy, I even quit playing video games:)

    All the best


  2. Rob Says:

    Where do you get paid to give blood still? I wasn’t aware of this – up here in IL, you only get paid for the 3-hour draw, not the more common 20 minute variety.

  3. davidbmc Says:

    He sounds like a character out of Atlas Shrugged!

  4. Joanne Miller Says:

    Oh my! Poor guy is SO on the wrong track. You were gracious to give the money back but I am with you on this one……… it isn’t likely this guy will go very far with this attitude. I pity him. Also, I REALLY liked the response from Phil North……………….the difference between a boy and a man! VERY GOOD! Sounds like a great article to me!

  5. HotRod Says:

    Dan, you are absolutely correct. I think he probably did need the 0.97 because he obviously was beyond any help. Or maybe it was a setup by some of those people who try to discredit good people like you and Dave Ramsey.

    Trust me, for every guy like 0.97 guy there are thousands of us who have benefitted greatly from your teachings and recommend you to others. Keep up the good work, and consider it money well returned!

    To the 0.97 guy: see, with a little thought Dan was even able to use this small refund as an example to teach those of us who are listening. He has turned a negative into a positive! We all make mistakes, please try to learn from this as much as all of us have.

  6. Zach Ellerbrook Says:

    You know, I could quickly judge this guy for actually sending this e-mail, but I have no idea what his situation really is. All I can do is pray for him, and hope that his mind opens enough for some creativity to enter.

  7. Jean Burman Says:

    I’m with Zach on this. We don’t know his situation. When you’re in a hole it can be hard to see the light. All I can hope is that he finds enough relief from his present situation to see that there are other ways.

    Blood donation is voluntary here in Australia. It is devoid of monetary return… an act of selfless generosity and love.

  8. Carl Amos Says:

    What do you make an Hour? Most workers get paid by the hour. What is your free-time worth? When my car needs work, I ask myself is it worth my hourly pay to fix it myself or to pay someone. How much would I save?

    I went to the “Mart-Mart” store to buy filters for my fish tank. The box was crushed so I took the time to ask Customer Service if I could get a discount. She had to get a Manager. It took me about 10 minutes, the customer rep. 10 min and the manager 2 min to say no. How much is 10% of $11.00? Was it worth their time to lose a sale? Was it worth my time to ask?

    This guy must have more time than money. Bravo Zulu to refunding his money. You may have gained him and others as a future customers.

  9. Bill Farnum Says:

    While it seem pretty petty that someone who found benfit in a transaction would then expect to have the cost refunded, it may be all he has to offer at this time. A story is told that during the building of the Berlin wall workers from the east german side loaded a dump truck full of construction debris and drove it the the west and dumped it in an intersection, obstructing traffic. While it felt “right” to reply in kind, the workers on the free side of the wall loaded a truck with blankets, medicine, and food that those on the communist side would need after the wall was completed. They drove it to the communist side and dumped it in an intersection and on top they placed a sign. The sign said “Each gives what each has to give.” That is the best approach in my book.

    When we are spiritually and moraly bankrupt, or feeling extreme fatigue, we may not have much to give. I hope he finds what he is looking for beyond the 97 cents. I also hope that when others demand 97 cents from us we will all gladly give it, with gladness.

    There, but for the grace of God, go I.

  10. Chuck Says:

    I appreciated Bill’s gracious response. I find it hard to conceive of what would have driven someone to such an apparent waste of time, but we haven’t really had the chance to hear his thought processes, either.

    It’s very rare for me to ask for refunds on anything, but I have done it a couple times as a matter of principle. There may have been a personal side to this that it’s hard for those of us who benefit so much from Dan’s efforts to understand.


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