Free Ideas — and Free Money?

Okay – many of you that I talk to say you are still looking for your great idea.  Some of you have your idea but feel you need a chunk of money to get it off the ground.  Well, here’s a solution for both.  Billionaire Mark Cuban is offering to fund any business that can show a break-even cash flow in 60 days and be profitable in 90.  So – no problem getting any amount of money you need (no minimum – no maximum) – if in fact you have a solid business plan.  The Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan.  And if you still need an idea – no problem.  Seth Godin’s current group of 9 six-month MBA candidates just came up with a list of 999 Business Ideas – free for the taking.  I believe every single one except #789 has merit.  I’m going to study the entire list and find 3-4 to develop myself. 

No more excuses – plenty of ideas and plenty of money.  All you need to do is take action.  If you don’t have a money making business 90 days from now – look in the mirror to identify the roadblocks.

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6 Responses to “Free Ideas — and Free Money?”

  1. HotRod Says:

    After reading the list, and plenty of other blogs… here is another idea badly needed…

    Spelling/grammar checking service for blogs. Spell checking software doesn’t catch “on” when it should be “one”.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Will you blog on the 3-4 that you select for development? For those of us that just can’t seem to figure out how to start, that would be interesting to follow.

  3. Jodi Fay Says:

    Dear Dan,

    First, I’d like to say that this article is a wonderful way to help people- providing business ideas and funding. However, some of the items on the list could use some editing. Specifically,idea # 93

    Rent-a-wife – a woman who cleans, cooks, does laundry, picks up dry cleaning, mail, etc but without the emotional relationship.

    This is a terrible stereotype and statement of lack of caring. A more appropriate title would be, Personal Assistant/Housekeeper. Wouldn’t every entreprenuer enjoy someone to take care of household tasks so they can focus on their business? The basic idea is plausible. However, the title would be insulting to 1/2 of your target audience.

    Personally, I feel that marriage is a sacred relationship and more than someone to delegate unwanted chores too!


  4. Free Ideas - Free Money? « Better Than I Deserve Says:

    […] Finish the article here: Free Ideas – Free Money? […]

  5. Terry Says:

    From “Thoughts becoming things” to an actual product and service, to a website that brought absolutely nothing but information to readers (but did not spur them on to action!), to writing a business plan and learning what a “break-even point” actually is, it’s time for results!

    There is no bail-out for us, unless we, together, actually implement real change that’s lasting!

    Looking forward to your response! Really, I AM!

  6. terrylchandler Says:

    Hello everyone!

    Kevin Miller has become not only an inspiration to many, but someone whose opinion I value these past 10 months or so.

    When I shared with Kevin that I had begun a blog, he encouraged me to do diligence, and I have. His exact words?

    “Be persistent.”

    One of the practices I’ve had for a number of years has been to have my quiet time first thing in the morning. I go first thing to my Bible, and use a devotional of some kind, such as My Utmost for His Highest, or a Billy Graham devotional. For the past year or more I’ve been going to David Wilkerson’s Daily Promises from God’s word, and now have several like minded people that I share it with.

    Not only have some rich relationships developed from this practice, but the feedback I get from the readers has proven to enlighten me even more that my sole reading would!

    As I look in the mirror and ask myself what I might be doing to sabotage my own success, a blank face looks back at me, however.

    If I’m starting the day with a humble and contrite spirit, and honestly seeking to live my life in accordance with God’s plan to prosper me, why am I not getting profitable results?

    Perhaps I’m knocking on the wrong door, or I have my ladder on the wrong wall?

    Possibly I’m so focused on the results that I’m leaving something out of the process?

    As an optimistic extrovert with a vivid imagination, I cannot quit!

    I believe it was from The League of Extraordinary Minds hosted by Jay Abraham and Rich Shefren, I heard one of the presenters say that unless the participants could come up with a business plan in less than 10 minutes, they were taking too long!

    Robert Bittner is the author of “Your Perfect Job” that I have used as a text for the 48 Days workshop I conducted a few years ago. Had the workshop been able to survive, I do believe lives would have changed. Since the death of that workshop, however, I’ve had to take on positions that I’m over qualified for, just to survive.

    Recently I began reading the book again, hoping to find a fresh perspective and hope again. Doesn’t that warrant courage? To re-evaluate my ambition? Isn’t there a plan that I can work?

    As we enter a new holiday season, my hope is that I’ll be able to lose myself in my play that others would consider work, and my work will be my play.

    Thanks for your interest! is where you’ll find my posts of God’s promises to us on a daily basis.

    Large charitable contributions are welcome, should you care to support this ministry.

    Hopefully by this time next year you’ll be looking at these archives and benefiting from the information posted by yours truly!

    Blessings to you,
    Terry L Chandler

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