“Thank and Grow Rich”

Remember the classic little book, Think and Grow Rich?  I was reading an ezine today in which Rebecca Fine used this subtle twist on that title — Thank and Grow Rich.  Isn’t that a great thought?  Do you think you really could “thank” your way to growing rich?

It seems our ability to express gratitude is much like a muscle.  The more we use and exercise it, the easier it becomes – and the more we find ourselves just naturally sharing gratitude.  Try it out for a week or two.  Show sincere appreciation to everyone who comes in your path.  The waitress who re-fills your water glass, the mailman who brings a package to your door, the dry-cleaning attendant who hands you your shirts, and the speaker who just inspired you with her message.  And yes, we know that expressed gratitude does tend to return to us, multiplied.

Exercise your gratitude muscle – and lets all get a little “richer” in 09.

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9 Responses to ““Thank and Grow Rich””

  1. Jay Peroni, CFP Says:

    Dan, you are spot on! How many times do we forget to say those two sweet words: Thank you! Here’s one area where I always give thanks. Whenever I see a man or woman in uniform, I make it a habit to go over to them, shake their hand, and thank them for their service for this country! The price of freedom is not FREE and I always try to let those in the service know that they are appreciated because without them, we wouldn’t have a country. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Jay Peroni, CFP
    Author of The Faith-Based Millionaire

  2. Marla Martenson Says:

    So true. So often we forget to give thanks for everything that we have in our lives. There are so many people who have nothing. It is even great to give thanks for the opportunity to help someone else.

  3. Secret Key Candace Says:

    Sounds like a plan. Gratitude starts it all and really is necessary for the universal laws to work in your favor along with mindset.

  4. navar Says:

    I am grateful for Dan Miller and the 48days book.


  5. chris Says:

    I bought the e-book “Think and grow rich” upon your suggestion. Frankly I thought it was a bit weird. Beyond the “The Secret” theme that you can create you world with your thoughts, (thank God that isn’t true for some of my wacky ones) it had some wierd concept about channeling sexual energy. Finally, it seemed to make the pursuit of money almost god-like. Wasn’t there someone who warned us against doing just that……

  6. chris Says:

    p.s. I guess I got off track…. In response to your post, thanks are in order. I’m a regular podcast listener so THANKS DAN for all your help in moving me toward work I love.

  7. poor boomer Says:

    I am grateful that I live on less than $1,000 per month.
    I am grateful that I have opportunities to do online piece work for $1.50 per hour and manual piece work for twice that. (Never mind the two-hour bus ride each way to do the manual piecework.)
    I am grateful that after several decades of menial toil for low wages, I have nothing to show for it.
    I am grateful that I have no marketable skills and no money to go to school to acquire marketable skills.
    I am grateful that I have no money to start a business.
    I am grateful that I pay two-thirds of my income to rent a room in a house with nine people.

  8. â : Think And Grow Rich MP3 Says:

    […] read the full article […]

  9. Dr. Osagyefo D. Mac Gregor Says:


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