Does Everyone Have Passion?

This week a reader asked:

“How do you identify PASSION when that word seems so intense? You’ve addressed this before & I’m reading 48 Days but the word “passion” itself seems too intense for me. I have a hard time saying that there is anything other than my loved ones that I feel “passionate” about… How do I identify passion when I can’t recognize what it is?

Yes, I do talk about the importance of finding your passion – as a pre-requisite to finding work that you love.

The dictionary defines “passion” as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.  Others meanings would include a strong excitement, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

Well, I hope you do have things in your life that you’re excited about – and those should help you identify your passion.  Having a little life experience is a great help in uncovering our passion – because it’s not so much bringing something new into our life as it is uncovering what’s already there.  Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists, the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

I see the same thing in working with adults.  I agree with Picasso that all children have passions.  You cannot find a two or three year old that does not show passion in many ways.  How do we lose that as we grow up?  I observe that “life happens” and often we just become numb to what our passions are.  The responsibilities of life sometimes crowd out those things that were once most important.  But we ought to be able to look back at our life and see recurring themes.  It may be when you’re working with elderly people, or with plants, or when you’re working on ideas rather than with people at all.  There is no right or wrong; but you should be able to see these patterns that help you identify your true passions.  So it’s rather like peeling an onion – just peeling back the layers to expose what’s already there rather than discovering something new that you’ve never been aware of before.

So enjoy the process of unpeeling your onion – and watch your passions come into view once again.

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9 Responses to “Does Everyone Have Passion?”

  1. Damon Says:

    What good is a watermelon without water?

    Watermelons serve as God’s form of Gatorade. Without water they can’t fulfill their purpose. Mama used to tell how they would plant watermelons in the fields. Back then walking was the primary mode of transportation. In the hot Alabama summers it was nice to stop by someone’s field and break open a refreshing watermelon on the way to or from town.

    Yeah, there’s got to be some kind of passion in life. It’s sad how people lose themselves. Finding passion is about finding yourself. We live in a society that looks outward at external circumstances and depends on external solutions for problems. In as much as God has woven his image in us, he also placed in each of us a purpose and a reason to live. Without that meaning and purpose, you’ve lost what it means to be human, much like the waterless watermelon.

  2. Jay Peroni Says:

    Many of the happiest and most successful people in the world love what they do. They know exactly what they enjoy and what they dislike. They choose to pursue things that are most enjoyable. A key trait of almost all the self-made, faith-based millionaires I know is that they love what they do for a living! They have discovered their passion, focused on their key interests, and became enthused about how they earned their money.

    God has instilled a passion within you. He has programmed within you a desire to participate in activities that are natural, rewarding, and fulfilling. Some find these early on. Others never truly discover their passion. Almost every successful person I have met found a way to consistently tap into his or her passion. Once they found a way, they also discovered how to earn a living through it.

    Think of some of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history: Montana, Aikman, Elway, Marino, etc. Every single one of them played the game with passion. Even some of today’s best quarterbacks (Tom Brady and Peyton Manning) have that same passion. If you discover what your interests and passions are, you will always be far more successful than if you just go through the motions. Take some time to search yourself and determine what really makes you tick.
    • What are your interests?
    • What are you really passionate about?
    • What are your hobbies?
    • What do you like to do for fun?
    • What interests do you want to further develop?
    • Is there another career or job (paid or unpaid) that you would like to research or pursue?

    48 days and No More Mondays have helped me tremendously in my career. Going from a highly successful financial advisor without passion to a driven financial advisor and author pursuing to help more people gain more assets so they can give more. Thank you Dan for helping me light the flame within me and pursue my passion!

    Jay Peroni, CFP
    Author of The Faith-Based Millionaire

  3. Jbs Says:

    Well, we’re almost there…..
    I incorrectly wrote in earlier this year and said we both hate what we do (we own a carpet cleaning business). Since then, things have picked up and we’re very busy. But the real problem is, we’re getting older and my husband is injured and cannot do the work anymore.
    So, we started a side business in the pet odor removal industry. We love and are definitely passionate about furry kids. We love helping people and saving pet kids from being given back to the pound.
    The real challenging part is, how do we transfer from one business, which is too physically draining now, over to the new business?
    We need a huge push to get the one business to do a lot more than it is doing. We’ve only had to honor our money-back guarantee one time, so no problem with the quality of the product. We just need marketing ideas, to start making more money on the less physically challenging path. The very least we need is for that business to help out the other one.
    So the passion part is there, and we’re going the right way but it is going a little slow?!?

  4. Mark J Hudson Says:

    Jbs, Network with realtors, rental property owners and chamber of commerce business owners. Having a website with testimonies is great way of promoting your business. You have a great niche market. Go to highways and byways and bring them in. Have a quick 30 second verbal commercial why you are best choice for pet odor removal can sell your service. Getting PR from a local paper will help spread the word

  5. Yoel Says:

    Dan said above:

    “It may be when you’re working with elderly people, or with plants, or when you’re working on ideas rather than with people at all.”

    Reading that carefully presents a truth that many people seeking their passion miss: your passion does not have to be some great cause (liek human rights, orpahns, AIDS, etc) that will change the world. I can be as simple as when your are working “with plants.” Many people that I have encountered regarding passion are not satisfied with something as simple as working with plants. It has been put into our heads that passions should sake up the world. Truth is most passions are not that earth shaking. Loving plants and running a local flower shop does not change the world but it does allows the person to live a full and passionate life! So if you can’t find tour passion maybe you are looking “too big.” What do others think?

  6. Jbs Says:

    Yoel, I was going to say, “Bloom where you are Planted” and am ducking now in case people are throwing things at me!
    But seriously, I think you are right.
    As a small business person, I know I still have a job to do and with the one business it is more about just paying the bills. But as I said, helping people take care of their homes and pets, and helping them to keep the pet around, is not that huge in the grand scheme of life, but it makes people happy because their pets make them happy.

  7. MARK Says:

    I know God has instilled a passion within me.I sincerely want to discover it and find a way to make a living through it.I am a successful ,frustrated insurance agent without passion.I need to become driven and highly successful in my current position or find what drives me and be highly successful at that.I have read 48 days and No more mondays….not sure what comes next.

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  9. JBS Says:

    Its always best to find interest on something. According to me – If you are satisfied with the interest, it becomes passion. Whatever we do we must love them wholeheartedly and you will surely find a shadow from the seed you sow. I have passion on music and plays Guitar but I find hard time for that but still its my passion.

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