Think You Can?

This week in an interview the host asked me what were the three things I wanted listeners to remember.  This is what I gave her:

1. Expect Change.  The workplace is going to remain volatile and unpredictable.  Our only choice is to decide how we will respond.  If you make those decisions in advance you will reduce the uncertainty and vulnerability.

2.  Look inward for your best ideas and solutions.  85% of the process of having confidence about your career direction comes from looking inward first.  Define your unique skills and abilities – then 15% of the process is the application.

3.  You are not in a “recession” unless you think you are.  The old Henry Ford adage is true – “Whether you think you can or think you can’t; either way you’re right.

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2 Responses to “Think You Can?”

  1. wendy staas Says:

    This is so pivitol on the society right now. All I hear at my J-O-B is that we are in hard times. I am sick of it! Thank the good Lord that HE is working in my life for me to be my own BOSS!! Amen!

  2. Jason Says:

    Well its easy for people who have jobs to say the economy is great! 4 months of job searching and updating my resumes and all I hear is that I don’t have enough experience! I can’t go volunteer all the time because I have bills to pay. Sadly in our area if you are not an engineer or a nurse its tough right now. I try to be positive but its very hard! I would love to start my own business but have no money so I have to get a job for now.

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