Still Hate Mondays?

I don’t often include just a link to a video.  But someone sent me this hilarious little video that gives a visual message about the way some people still feel about going to work on Monday mornings.  It’s only 43 seconds long so won’t eat up your day.  It may just give you a humorous jolt to modify you own work plan and join the growing ranks of the No More Mondays crowd.

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10 Responses to “Still Hate Mondays?”

  1. Polly Scott Says:

    That explains Friday afternoon drivers! Get out of the way.

  2. TJ Says:

    WOW. Funny, cute and really kinda hits home. I am in the latter stages of firing my boss. I’m working on developing my website and designing my first season of products. I cannot wait until I stop commuting with those Monday Maniacs.

    Atlanta Congested.

  3. 203Σ270 Says:

    I’ve always hated Mondays ever since before I even started school. I think it has to do with the weather patterns or the shows on TV but for some reason Monday Morning thru Friday Afternoon are always gloomy, then comes the Weekend!!!

  4. Tammy M. Says:

    That’s great. I’m excited because I am planning my exit stradegy. I have just reduced my hours to part time to be able to spend more time on my business. My plan is to be out by this Fall. Thanks No More Mondays for giving me the plan to run with.

  5. T Mullins Says:

    Too funny. That is why I have learned you don’t live for the weekends. Plus some weekends for me is more work than the weekday.

  6. Mary Lutz Says:

    That’s funny! And exactly how I feel!!! I too have reduced to being a part timer until I get my VA business going…fall is the goal!!! If not sooner!!!

  7. Tim Says:

    One fellow who seems to have gotten the “No More Mondays” philosophy is Tim Russert of NBC, who passed away suddenly of a heart attack on Friday. I have heard him eulogized as a great father, a man of integrity, and a man of humor. But one interview caught my eye. Mike Wallace of CBS fame was asked why Tim Russert was so good at what he did. Wallace said it was his enthusiasm; he followed up by saying, in essence, that when you find work you love as Tim Russert did, it is “so fulfilling”.

    As someone who was trained to be a journalist, I admired Russert for his fairness and objectivity, things that appear to have been lost in today’s media. I now have learned some other things to admire him for.

  8. Paul Slater Says:

    Most of us know that Tony Snow, one of my favorite conservative columnist and television commentators, passed away July 12.

    I knew that Tony had served for 17 months as President Bush’s press secretary but was impressed with one of the conditions he stipulated before taking the job. He would have weekends for his family.

    As I watched the various Tony Snow Memorials on Fox Business Network, one of his friends made reference to Tony taking the White House Press Secretary position only if he had weekends for the most important people in his life, family.

  9. Marilyn A. Magallanes Says:

    Oh My Gracious!!! :)) Just literally and heartily laughing right out loud while watching this video… Feeling sure that the polar bear represented me every single day of the work week not too long ago… Although, I loved the people, i hated the j.o.b., but struggled on into the office each day any way for about five years…

    While working for that company i gave a presentation, in a annual meeting, on practicing the ‘Golden Rule’, business ethics and in just imagining what the possibilities would be if we all pulled together and made it a company in which every staff member said “THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY!” REALLY Feeling and Meaning It…

    Unfortunately, I never made that happen in my employment there. Sure my employees ‘liked’ their jobs, but it was just that, a job… Not something their heart had lead them to.

    Which makes me all the more determined that we will make that happen at TTTC, by simply starting out the way in which we want to end up…

    I mean, my goodness-really, just look at that penguin you’d think he had just gotten married or found Jesus! Nobody should be that slap happy on Friday about leaving the office less that actually is the case and they just can’t wait to Go Share the Good News! 😉

    I encourage you to consider what path you could journey upon to Make your Career Endeavors become your hearts desire, a labor that you love, and in creating an environment that illuminates the “Thank God its Monday” feeling for yourself…

    🙂 ~mm
    Your Potential is My Passion!!!

  10. admin Says:

    great video. I needed a laugh today thanks.

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