Why Morning Interviews are best

Research shows that 83% of executives are more likely to hire AM job seekers.  And 70% of all hiring decisions are made before 11:00 AM.  So obviously, if you can help suggest the time of an interview, make it before 11:00 AM.       

Avoid Mondays and Fridays.  On Monday, people tend to have too much to do and on Friday they are anticipating the weekend and ready to get out of the office.  So the very best times for interviews are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings between 8-10:00 AM.  The little things can tip the scale in your favor.

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2 Responses to “Why Morning Interviews are best”

  1. Faith Says:

    Any advice for life long night owls? I, even as a child was geared towards beng productive and alert in the evening and into the wee hours of the morning. It was misery in school. On one hand, the early birds have always called me lazy, but on the other I am the one to call in an emergency at 4 a.m. I believe there is a purpose for everyone’s unique attributes, finding it is another matter.

  2. Irina Mauzy Says:

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