How Wealthy Are You?

In the book Thou Shall Prosper, Rabbi Daniel Lapin says “Money is a metaphor for the strength of your human relationships.”  If that is true, then it follows that if I want more money all I have to do is work on strengthening my relationships. 

My wife Joanne is a licensed volunteer at the Tennessee Prison for Women.  Just this week she told me about one of her friends there who is being released on Tuesday.  The woman she referenced will leave the prison with no clothes except those she is wearing, no furniture, no job prospects, no money and is rightfully terrified about her immediate future.  Fortunately, with Joanne as her one friend she will be getting a start on all of those things. 

As a career coach when I see someone who is “down and out” I am amazed at the bankruptcy I often see in their lives.  Not just financially, but having no relationships from which to draw.

Think about how money works.  If you are on a desert island and you have $10 million in $100 bills in a big suitcase, you will find that the money is absolutely worthless.  It only has value as it connects you with and flows through other people.  Your human interaction produces your wealth.  The cool thing is that in today’s technological world you can expand your connection with people exponentially – and quickly.  If you have expertise in any area, you can use that as a foundation for speaking, writing articles, radio and TV interviews, newsletters, blogs and podcasts.  If you are honestly trying to improve the lives of other people through those tools, you will create new relationships and see your true wealth soar.

Last night in our 212ºConnection teleseminar Kevin and I talked about CO-mmunication and how you can use these technology tools to expand your business – and ultimate wealth.  If you were not on the live call, you can listen to the one-hour presentation on CO-mmunication here.

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One Response to “How Wealthy Are You?”

  1. navar Says:

    I read the 48 days to the work you love and loved it. I have not applied it well yet. However the seed has been sown and this blog added sun and water to that seed. thank you

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