Business Chaplains

One of the fastest growing career areas I have seen in the last few years is that of business chaplain.  Topics ranging from family suicides, child-rearing, caring for aging parents, marital problems, depression, drug use and finances are being addressed by these workplace chaplains.  We are used to seeing military chaplains and hospital chaplains.  Many police and fire departments also have ministers, priests and rabbis who serve the same function.  Some employee assistance program coordinators estimate that they spend at least 20% of their time dealing with spiritual issues.  

This is just one of many new work opportunities that we are seeing.  And it’s an example of how if you have your eyes open you will find new doors opening – that also integrate fulfillment, meaning and purpose in your work.

To check out education requirements, pay and opportunities for business chaplains, see these sites:

Websites of Interest to Chaplains:  

Industrial and Commercial Ministries

Inner Active Ministries:  

Association of Professional Chaplains

Just keep in mind, having a heart for “ministry” can take you in a lot of creative directions to be fully engaged in that particular calling.

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