Jobs Plunge – Opportunities Soar!

USA Today reports today that employers cut jobs for a second month in February while the unemployment rate fell as more people quit looking for work in the weakening job market, the government said Friday in a report that led to further calls of a 2008 recession

Yes, lots of ironies here.  Jobs lost yet hourly wages are up and unemployment is down.  There is no way the government has of tracking those people who have “quit looking for work.” 

I talk to them every day and they are not all discouraged and sitting on the curb – many of them have discovered new and innovative ways to create income and have joined the growing ranks in non-traditional work.  They got tired of expecting any “security” as employees and have moved into successful income generation and increased “security” as consultants, independent contractors, contingency workers, temps, electronic immigrants and entrepreneurs.  They also fall under the radar for U. S. Labor Bureau statistics and thus are categorized as “unemployed and discouraged.” 

No – don’t worry about us.  We are out here enjoying the new opportunities.  Keep your measly paychecks and shaky pensions.  We are the new workers – and firmly in control of our time freedom and unlimited income potential.  Thanks for the shove!

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5 Responses to “Jobs Plunge – Opportunities Soar!”

  1. Lowell Lane Says:

    Thanks for the shove!

    I have recently got the shove, and I am not discouraged and sitting on the corner.

    Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus”.

    One of the very hardest things to do in life is let God have control or your life and let him supply your needs. I am not saying that you should do nothing, but if we are obedient and put forth 100% and trust he will bless it, He will.

    The same day I got the shove, I met with a good friend and we decided to partner together and start a business. My partner had a vision to start a publication to reach to the students and business owners to teach Kingdom of God Principles. After 4 months of giving it 100% we have our website up and running and are ready.

    It has not been a pretty 4 months, it has been a struggle all the way. But I have been obedient and now God has guided us through every step and we have build a great foundation.

    Being Obedient,

    Lowell Lane

  2. George Skeeters Says:


    After working for a very large Christian school system for 12 years and building several building, programs and a team of service employees that are considered the “Godly Team” by all they serve, I was called in a couple of weeks ago and told that we are “restructuring” and that my services would no longer be needed.

    My wife and had been told by the president that I would be taking a promotion by this summer so we went forward with the purchase of a new home with a view that we had wanted for years! A place where I could start my ranch to help children in need.

    I have read your book ” No more Mondays” and am proud to say ” I HAVE HAD ENOUGH” I am also joining your group of “lost and unemployed stats”. Don’t know what I am going to do nor how but I just know that you have inspired me to step out and see what GOD has for me to do.

    Thanks for the encouragement and if you ever want a case study to use to prove to folks that this new way of thinking works, I am always and VERY available! 🙂

  3. Tom Anderson Says:

    “No – don’t worry about us. We are out here enjoying the new opportunities. Keep your measly paychecks and shaky pensions. We are the new workers – and firmly in control of our time freedom and unlimited income potential.”

    That about sums it up perfectly! Having control of my time and removing the cap that was on my income producing abilities are two of my favorite things about having started my own company 8 months ago. It’s been a lot of hard work, but has been very rewarding. My 14 year old son told me he wanted to work with me this summer because he thought it was cool that his old man started his own company. That’s gotta be my favorite thing that’s come out of this so far.

    Thanks Dan! Keep up the great work. You are making a difference in the world. God Bless.

  4. Vendin Guy Says:

    I heard a really good quote once, “Most people have decided to live in a world of scarcity, as opposed to a world of opportunity. The opportunity of a lifetime comes around about one a week. We just have to have our eyes open to see it.”

    I suspect the reporter who wrote the article is definitely living in a world of scarcity.

    Thank you Dan for your ministry!

    aka The Vending Guy

  5. Martha Dominguez Says:

    Thanks for your article because encourage me for look for another options, I lost my job and if you can give me ideas for business opportunities, I appreciate a lot.


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