Start 2008 With A Clean Slate

Management guru Peter Drucker always recommended that you examine every part of your business regularly to determine if there is anything you are doing now that you wouldn’t do again if you could start over.

What if you did this Zero-Based planning for your LIFE?  If you could wipe the slate clean on January 1st, and look at your life in this way, what would you change?  The real hallmark of truly successful people is not that they do more but that they can decide what they are going to stop doing.  What are you going to Stop Doing on January 1st?

If you need a planning guide, here’s my brief outline for deciding what success will look like for you in 2008:  Dan’s Goal Planner

Does the idea of planning success in 7 areas of your life seem novel?

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5 Responses to “Start 2008 With A Clean Slate”

  1. zekez Says:

    Hi Dan. I’m Zeke from Malaysia. I’ve been following your podcast, subscribed to your newsletter and blog, and I also have a copy of 48 days to the work you love. A really bad attitude I have is I always wait for things to happen before taking any action. After reading your latest newsletter, I have made a decision to stop waiting for things to happen as my goal for 2008. I want my life to improve so I must change. I have also almost completed the goal planner linked to this post. Thank you for all the resources you have freely given and for being such an inspiration. God bless and have a meaningful and fulfilling 2008.

  2. Rick Prokosch Says:

    I find that goal setting is a very worth while activity to do. I find you don’t have to make novel and spend hours writing them, Dan’s sheet is pretty much all you need. I find once a goal has worked it’s way into my head it almost becomes reality in my mind and all I have to do find little ways to work towards what I see.

  3. Solitary Dancer Says:

    Good to see you with a blog. I love this idea for you. I am busy working on my 2008 Goal Setting using the link you sent.

    Thanks so much,


  4. Masimba Biriwasha Says:

    Dear Dan,

    I have been planning for so many years but as I look back I have not moved an inch in the direction of my dreams, except one – to write.

    But even that has not been a product of conscious planning.

    Believe, I have tracts of plans.

    So I have decided this year to use your guide to plan not to plan to make plans gather dust.

    You understand?

  5. John Craig Says:

    I just finished Seth Godin’s book “The Dip” which focuses on the idea of quitting things that don’t contribute to your goals. I have a a list of things that I will stop doing on January 1 as my new years resolution. Thanks for reinforcing the concept.

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