Must see Movie – August Rush

August Rush

At the recommendation of our son Jared, Joanne and I went to see August Rush recently.  Now — I’m not a movie fan – we go occasionally just for an evening activity.  I never expect anything other than a two-hour diversion – time with Joanne and some greasy popcorn.  And the movies I recommend you could count on one hand.

 But August Rush is a must see movie if you have a creative bone in your body.  Let me be quick to add that it has gotten horrible reviews.  The “experts” say it’s “annoying, absurd, flawed, silly, soppy” and even “yucky.”  But then I suspect most of these experts are looking for technical perfection, storyline logic and cinematic excellence.  I know nothing about any of those things.

Joanne and I thought the movie was absolutely delightful.  What a beautiful story of believing you have a calling and a purpose – of listening carefully, and hearing the music all around you.

The music in this movie is amazing and the story is one we all want to believe. 

 I find most of the transcendent experiences in our lives don’t line up nicely with logic and common sense.  That’s why they’re especially meaningful.  How do you “explain” or document love, beauty, the smile of a baby, new spiritual insight – or the calling to be a musician or artist.  You don’t have to – just allow it to be real for you; embrace the unique experience and create the music the world is waiting to hear.

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