Maybe You’re Wrong!

Dan & Seth Godin


Recently I attended an all-day workshop with Seth Godin in New York City.  Seth is the author of several books that include Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, Prize Inside and The Dip.  He is known for his contrarian wisdom – seeing things in new and innovative ways.  Thus the title Purple Cow.  Seth says brown, white or black cows don’t grab our attention – but a purple one would.  His challenge – what are you doing in your work or business that is remarkable – that would get attention?
Here are some thoughts shared during his unusual workshop:


• People who go to the edge grow – average is just average
• If you’re not offending people, you’re not telling a story that will be retold
• Don’t lead with how you are better – lead with how you can help
• Most people excel because they had the guts to risk failing
• If you try too hard to make money as you help people, you will fail at both


In his latest book, The Dip, Seth destroys the commonly accepted statement, “Winners never quit; quitters never win.”  He says that’s rubbish; winners know when to quit and start in a new direction.
I seek out books, seminars and workshops that challenge my thinking.  Maybe I’ve been wrong on an issue or belief.  What about the commonly accepted business practice that “the customer is always right?”  Have you ever questioned that piece of wisdom? 


Do you welcome having someone challenge your beliefs and practices?  Or do you defend your current knowledge and understanding of most issues?  What have you done this year to force yourself to grow philosophically, psychologically and spiritually? 

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